living well in chicago


Create a meaningful home. Balance priorities with financial objectives. Invest in your future. Enjoy the home search experence!


Negotiate from a position of strength. Purchase price doesn’t equal cost. Gather the team- lender, inspector, attorney… all focused on making this a smooth transaction.


Highest price – quickest time – least inconvenience. To accomplish these goals, we’ll work together to develop a strategy for preparing, pricing, and promoting your home.

What some of Anne’s clients are saying…

Officially, my wife and I moved to Chicago in June. In reality, she had relocated here in February for work, and I followed in June with our dogs. Moving 1000 miles is stressful enough, but combine that with being separated for 5 months, selling one house, long-distance job hunting, and buying a new place in Chicago, combined it about put us over the edge. This is where Anne comes in to the picture. She worked around my wife’s work schedule to not only show her houses, but neighborhoods as well. Anne spent the time to get to know us and what we were looking for. Never did we feel like we were being a problem or a nuisance to her, even when we were asking crazy neighborhood or commuting questions. In the end, Anne found us a great house in a great neighborhood. Through her seemingly endless contacts, she also played a huge roll in getting me my job here in Chicago. We can’t thank her enough! I would recommend Anne to anyone. She possesses tremendous knowledge and information about Chicago’s housing market and Chicago in general. She is a true professional. – Brad
Anne Rossley invented her particular brand of real estate consulting which is comprehensive, customized, creative and dazzling. Every aspect of the real estate transaction can be guided by Anne’s depth of experience, wide range of knowledge, marketing brilliance, technological proficiency, social media savvy, and unifying negotiation skills. Anne is much more than a real estate agent and from the minute her clients meet with her, they know they are in good hands. I have worked with Anne since 1995 when she was managing agent for a new condominium project and I was the mortgage broker in charge of mortgage loan project approval. She was a lightning rod for getting the impossible done and I marveled at her “can do” attitude against all odds. She repeatedly amazed me with her creative solutions, new methods for efficiency, problem solving, and new ideas. I later became a real estate client, both for a property sale and purchase — including residential and commercial. She thinks ahead to what is needed and answers questions even before they are asked; all resulting in a seamless transaction. Anne brings something unique and incredibly special to each property and to each client. For her sellers, she “sees” the property for the best way it should be marketed and moves quickly to devise a plan including design ideas for the interior and exterior. She is known to stage and move furniture herself with brilliant results captured perfectly in the property’s professional marketing photographs. Her comparative market analysis is realistic yet the highest possible. Her marketing pieces are stunning and sent to exactly the right target market. Her warmth, smile and approachability add more wonderful touches to the sales plan, particularly during open houses. Anne winds up every project by having flawless closings. She contemplates potential concerns before they become issues and kindly but firmly negotiates even the most complicated contract terms. Anne will astound you with the depth and breadth of her professional knowledge and services. And when you meet her, shake her hand and feel the radiance of her smile, you will know you are working with exactly the right real estate agent for you! – Diane P.
Anne led us to exactly the type of condominium we were searching for, but also enlightened us by showing us some types of units and areas we had not considered. This allowed us to make a quick, educated and extremely confident decision. Anne provided the perfect amount of counsel and guidance……and made the process fun! Her knowledge of the areas and her many years in the industry were invaluable. Her handling and expertise of all negotiations was done with perfection and utmost professionalism. I would recommend Anne to anyone looking to buy or sell a home. – Carol
I highly recommend Anne to anyone who requires the assistance of a real estate broker whether to sell or buy a home. I did both when I engaged Anne and I could not be more pleased with the results. Timing was of the essence; we were successful in concurrently managing a sell/ buy. Anne demonstrated the highest level of professionalism and as a veteran real estate agent she was able to meet every challenge with an answer. Anne’s work ethic is unparalleled and her honesty and integrity are without question. Besides all that, Anne is fun to work with – her high energy and enthusiasm are contagious. From start to finish it was a joy to work with Anne. -Lori
Anne Rossley is an amazing realtor. She is truly a professional, which is refreshing to see. She is committed to her clients more so than trying to get a quick commission, and focuses on earning credibility with her clients. She has my highest recommendation and I hold her in the highest personal regard. Anne was very quickly able to figure out EXACTLY what I wanted in a property. After one day out she knew what I wanted even better than I did. Her ability to tune-in to her clients is really bar none. She is extremely knowledgeable about practically every structure in Chicago. It’s a true learning experience just to take a drive around the block with her. Also, Anne is very responsive and timely. If she says she is going to be there at 9:00 she is. This is remarkable considering how busy she is! Also notable is that she does not delegate out her showings to assistants. She wants to be there to see and learn what her clients like or dislike about each and every property. She is also a great negotiator. I think that because she is so professional she has earned credibility with other agents, which assists in the negotiating process. She is also, however, practical. She takes a very analytical, fact-based approach in helping to determine what price to offer/pay for a property. For the properties I was most interested in she ran extremely detailed spreadsheets and comparables. She must have spent hours preparing detailed comparables. She is also realistic though — and will tell you when something is out of your price range. For example, for one property I was particularly intersted in and knew I would be interested even before the showing, Anne had done so much research about it in advance she knew more of the key information about the unit and building than the listing agent–no kidding. I really can’t say enough about Anne. She is an amazing realtor and kind, empathetic, and ethical person. – Kay
I was introduced to Anne via a referral and I couldn’t be happier with her work. She provided a thorough and comprehensive sales plan in addition to answering all of my questions. As a first time home seller her experience and depth of knowledge were invaluable. Best of all she got me an offer the first day my home was on the market. I would recommend Anne to any of my colleagues and friends. Glenn
When we first moved to Chicago 20 years ago, Anne took us in hand and found us the perfect house in the perfect location. She stepped us through as first time home buyers and kept all the balls in the air when several years later we became first time home sellers. That is why she is our go-to realtor now. Not only is Anne charming and easy to get along with, she also takes the time to really listen to her clients and learns what is truly important to them. She will also take the time to explain everything to you so you never feel blindsided. She is open and honest and always has her clients best interests front and foremost. – Cate

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