In my Rubloff Luxury Blog post of Feb 24, I reported on the Alcott High School for the Humanities, opening this fall. An information meeting was held that week at the Elementary School, and I was quite impressed by the plan put together by Alcott’s LSC, including principal David Domovic.

At that time, there was no building set aside for the new high school. Since that time, I have learned that the school will be sharing space this fall with Schneider at 2957 N. Hoyne. These transitions can be difficult to navigate, however based on the CPS staff, Alcott LSC and parental support, and the great need for new quality Chicago high schools, I have every reason to believe this school will be a tremendous addition and asset to the Chicago Public School program and the Renaissance 2010 initiative.

Site Location for Alcott High School

Site Location for Alcott High School


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