Best Properties in Chicago Real Estate – $500,000

Best Properties in Chicago Real Estate – $500,000

1300 Fillmore

1300 W Fillmore- sold by Anne in 3 days!

Here are my choices for the

best properties for sale today around $500,000.

I selected properties from 17 neighborhoods that I sell in-

Albany Park



Forest Glen

Irving Park


Lincoln Park

Lincoln Square

Logan Square


Near North

Near West Side

North Center

North Park

South Loop


West Town

They are not necessarily the best BARGAIN — you have to pay a premium for style, condition, and view, after all. These are properties that, based on my subjective view, are worth looking at.

Type  Unit ## RmsBedsBathsASF
DELincoln Square$469,5002319Farragut8421800
ATLincoln Square$519,0004949Lincoln3732.22116
ATNorth Center$475,0002107Belmont4A6320
ATNorth Center$479,0003843SOUTHPORT3S5221470
ATLincoln Park$479,9002159LincolnA-2522.11200
ATLincoln Park$499,5002650Seminary25221300
ATNear North$469,900401Wabash37F201713
ATNear North$519,900400Ontario16055221435
DENorth Park$449,9005662Kilbourn731.10
DENorth Park$539,0006751IONIA832.21868
DEForest Glen$525,0003560Hollywood9432265
DEAlbany Park$450,0004900Kenneth12432639
DEIrving Park$474,8993623Harding831.12020
DEIrving Park$599,0004101GRACE7330
ATLogan Square$489,9002304BELDEN732.12300
DELogan Square$499,0002420Saint Louis6321452
ATWest Town$474,9001740MARSHFIELD19522.10
DEWest Town$589,000910Richmond843.10
ATNear West Side$499,000321SANGAMON9035221150
ATNear West Side$515,0001300Fillmore3733.12400
ATNear West Side$590,000910Madison1001E5221378
ATSouth Loop$499,9002614th13W732.12053
ATSouth Loop$549,9001530State17I4221613

To see a tour of these, with photos of the interiors, select this link:

Best Homes for Sale in Chicago around $500,000


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Top 10 Chicago Bungalows for Sale Today

Chicago Bungalows are one of my favorite options for Living Well in Chicago…


Here are my choices for the top 10 available for sale today…

(Note: these are NOT my listings- they’re just my favorites.)

Select this link for a map, info, and photos of these homes:

Top 10 Bungalow Home Tour

Best Chicago Bungalows

To see any of these, or to find a bungalow of your own, contact me today!

Street #Str NameList Price# RmsBRBAASFYr BltLot Dim
4927Keeler$259,0006321250191938 X 125
5031Kolmar$374,5001152.1192230 X 142
5111Kostner$450,000843192230 X 126
3723Pulaski$499,90012432200190350 X 125
3941DAKIN$519,900832192430 X 130
2246Greenleaf$749,90010435000192640 X 155

4712 Francisco

2246 Greenleaf

3941 Dakin

3723 N Pulaski

5111 N Kostner

5941 Washtenaw

4927 Keeler

albany park bungalow

Find your Chicago Bungalow

Contact Anne for showings and information…

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Chicago streets are on a grid system.


The center of the grid is State (0 E/W) and Madison (0 N/S).


Each 8 blocks, or 800 in street numbers = one mile


For example, Chicago Ave (800N) is one mile north of Madison (0N)


If you memorize a few streets, you’ll quickly be able to lose your GPS and find your way around the city like a pro!


For example…

Chicago streets

Madison  – 0

Chicago – 800 N

North Ave. – 1600 N

Fullerton – 2400 N 

Belmont – 3200 N

Irving Park Rd – 4000N



What about “Street”  vs. “Avenue”  vs. “Boulevard” or “Parkway?”


Avenue – Streets running North and South. There are exceptions.
Boulevard – Streets where trucks over 5 tons are not permitted.
Court – Short roadway.
Parkway – Street that ends at a park.
Place – Street running the 1/2 block between streets.
Street – Streets running East and West. There are exceptions.


North vs. South  East vs. West

Homes on the North and West are EVEN NUMBERS

Homes on the South and East are ODD NUMBERS


If you can’t remember how far north/south/east or west a particular street can be found,


Here’s your answer!


Select this link to download a list of all streets in Chicago.

Powered by Socrata

This site provides applications using data that has been modified for use from its original source,, the official website of the City of Chicago.  The City of Chicago makes no claims as to the content, accuracy, timeliness, or completeness of any of the data provided at this site.  The data provided at this site is subject to change at any time.  It is understood that the data provided at this site is being used at one’s own risk.
How 30 Chicago Streets got Their Names
Chicago Street Maps
Chicago in Maps
Researching Chicago Streets over Time

Ready to buy a Fixer Upper?

Showing condos along Lake Shore Drive this weekend –


I was taken by a fixer upper at 1300 N Lake Shore Drive.


It’s really rough-  everything needs to be done, including window replacement – estimated at $50,000.


But the views are sensational! I especially like the NE corner in the Living Room – what a view of North Avenue Beach!


1300 Lake Shore Dr view



1300 N Lake Shore Dr



1300 N Lake Shore Master Bedroom



1300 N Lake Shore Dr BR 2



1300 N Lake Shore Drive


See Lake Shore Drive Condos with Great Views



Chicago Bungalow Book Giveaway

I am crazy about the new

Bungalow Maintenance Guide

just released by the Historic Chicago Bungalow Association!

chicago bungalow maintenance guide

I want to share the great information, so

I’ve created my first Book Giveaway!

It’s easy to enter-

you can enter once/day until February 12.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Chicago Bungalows are a treasure!

Want to see some Chicago Bungalows for sale today?

Check out some of the bungalows for sale today:

Select this Link

Want to go find a Bungalow of your own?

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Chicago Seniors- Save on Real Estate Property Taxes!

Chicago Seniors – 

February 3 is the deadline

for saving on your 2015 Property Tax Bills!


chicago seniors property taxes


Two Options for Seniors to Save Money

on Chicago Property Taxes


1. Senior Citizen Exemption

You must apply every year for this tax savings! To qualify, you need to be born in 1950 or sooner, and live in your primary residence as of 1/1/2015. anne rossley real estate

Click this link to download the form:

Cook County Senior Citizen Exemption Form – Due February 3

More information – FAQ – select this link


2. Senior Freeze Exemption

The Senior Freeze Exemption is a property tax savings opportunity for Seniors who earn less than $55,000 per year and want to keep property tax bills lower. The freeze doesn’t freeze the property taxes- rather it freezes the equalized value. If the budget goes up and a higher rate of taxes is levied, your bill will go up.

The VALUE of your home will stay the same, however. Like the Senior Citizen Exemption, you MUST APPLY EVERY YEAR. cook county property taxes

Click this link to download the form:

Senior Freeze Exemption Form

Click this link to learn more about the Cook County Property Tax Savings for Seniors



Thinking of making a move in the next year? Email me today!

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Best 10 Bungalows for Sale TODAY in Chicago

Looking for a single family home on Chicago’s north side?

Check out these Chicago bungalows- the best on the market today!

Photo Tour – Select this link

best Chicago bungalows for sale

Some of the properties found in the tour:

4929 Kildare

4929 Kildare

4901 Kenneth

4901 N Kenneth

Only $245,000!

6234 Rockwell

6234 N Rockwell

How gorgeous is that?!

The Historic Chicago Bungalow Association has just published a Maintenance Handbook – it’s fabulous!

Included in the Bungalow Maintenance booklet:

Ice Dams and How to Fix Them

Ice Dams

Anatomy of an Historic Window

Anatomy of an historic window

Where and Where NOT to Caulk

where and where not to caulk

Want to see all the bungalows for sale today?

See Them Here

Want more information? Want to go view bungalows for sale?

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10 Best Historic Homes Under $1MM

Looking for a great historic home under $1 Million?

Here are my choices for great vintage homes in Chicago-

available today…

Chicago vintage homes under $1MM

Click on the photo above to tour these properties.

If you’re a buyer looking for a lovely historic home on Chicago’s north side, check out these gems…

3350 N Marshfield  $ 499,900

1536 W Glenlake – $499,900

1512 n talman

1512 N Talman – $499,900 

1415 W Hood – $519,900

1922 W Berwyn – $729,900

2245 W Berwyn – $809,900

1415 W Highland

1415 W Highland – $839,000

2318 N Spaulding – $859,000

1410 w berteau

1410 W Berteau – $895,000

2473  Geneva Terrace – $999,000

Would you like to see homes for sale


on Chicago’s North Side?


See the Currently Available Listings Now!

See Them Now...

Have a Question? Want to see some homes? Contact Anne!

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Why Buy a Home In Chicago?

Why Buy a Home in Chicago?

There are so many reasons, but let’s talk about 6.

Here are the

6 Reasons why you should Buy a Home….

1.  Interest Rates are climbing

Mortgage Bankers Association’s Builder Application Survey for October 2015:

  • Mortgage applications for new-home purchases decreased 8 percent month-over-month.
  • Conventional loans comprised 67.2 percent of loan applications; FHA loans, 19.2 percent.
  • The average loan size for new homes decreased to $320,881 from $324,884 in September.



2. Rates are projected to go higher…


mortgage rate projections

3. There’s an Easing of credit requirements…


fico requirement

credit standards

4. Home Values are Rising…

chicago home prices

5.  Home Prices are Projected to Continue Rising!

The CoreLogic HPI Forecast indicates that home prices are projected to increase by 4.3*** percent

on a year-over-year basis from August 2015 to August 2016 and

remain unchanged month over month from August 2015 to September 2015.  

Home Price Projections

6. Chicago rents are increasing –

so getting into a home NOW is your best bet

for financial stability!


– – – – – – – –


To find out if buying a home


is the right decision for you,


Anne Rossley

Baird & Warner




Contact Anne

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