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– Historic Chicago Properties  –

Vintage Homes for Sale!

There are some terrific turn-of-the-century single family homes that have just hit the market — one-of-a-kind Chicago Real Estate…it’s time to

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Take a Tour of the Inside of These Homes!

vintage homes - chicago historic property tour

See These Historic Properties –

Just Listed for Sale

On Chicago’s North Side

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4232N Kenmore-- Chicago Real Estate

4352 N Kenmore


824 W Castlewood - Chicago Historic Home for sale

824 W Castlewood


3025 W Oakley chicago

3025 N Oakley


3422 N Janssen - Chicago Historic homes for sale

3422 N Janssen


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Astor Street Historic District – Chicago Real Estate Update

Astor Street- the crown of the Gold Coast – Chicago’s premier Near North neighborhood…

What does a home cost on Astor Street?

The homes for sale range from $2,385,000 to $8,000,000.

1242 N Astor - chicago historic homes for sale

1242 N Astor


1442 N Astor- Chicago Historic Homes-Gold Coast

1442 N Astor


Tour Chicago Real Estate with Anne RossleyTour Astor Street Homes

Select one of the links below to see homes for sale and homes that have recently sold on Chicago’s famous Astor Street

Computer (pdf) Format               Tablet Format

How Big are the Homes on Astor?

Several homes are 10,000 or more square feet – the smallest home that’s for sale or sold over the last 3 years has been 4500 square feet.

Homes for Sale and Recently Sold

The following chart includes homes currently for sale, as well as property that has recently closed. Contact Anne Rossley for more information on these listings.

StatStreet #Str NameList PriceSold PrClosed DateASFRmsBRBACarsMTTaxesBuiltLotRehab?
ACTV1242Astor$2,385,0005100964.30545$20,741.971891PER SURVEYYes
ACTV1308Astor$2,500,000NR944.11181$45,755.00188718' 6 X 100Yes
PCHG1224Astor$4,250,000NR1155.11615$26,100.00190924 X 90Yes
CLSD1431Astor$4,200,000$3,675,00012/13/07NR1554.32872$36,256.04189425 X 125
CLSD1511Astor$4,300,000$4,300,0004/2/0785451864.109$38,235.0030 X 125
CLSD1520Astor$4,950,000$4,425,0003/13/0861001244.21893$30,279.22191130 X 110
CLSD1451Astor$6,100,000$5,250,0003/17/0870001367.12310$29,441.77191028.5 X 125Yes

Historic Charnley House

Charnley House on Astor Street

Get information on Charnley House – Select this link

homes for sale - Jones College Prep High School

Find Astor Street Homes for Sale – Select this Link!


Other links of Interest:

History – Gold Coast Neighbors Association

Chicago Landmarks Page

Potter Palmer Houses – Designslinger

Joseph Ryerson House

Junior League of Chicago

Frommer’s Walking Tour

MetroWalkz Self-Guided Tour

The Archbishop’s Residence in the Gold Coast

Marking a Spot in the City’s History

Curbed Chicago – John Wellborn Root’s Home – 1310 Astor

Rogers Park Manor Historic District – Chicago Real Estate Update




Rogers Park Manor  – a charming Chicago neighborhood of bungalows built in the 1920’s, offers wonderful homes at affordable prices.

To read more about the history of the Rogers Park Manor neighborhood, read this article (select link) written by the Historic Chicago Bungalow Association.

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Indian Boundary Park

Rogers Park Manor is located just south of Indian Boundary Park, one of Chicago’s best neighborhood parks. Facilities include:

  • Cultural Center
  • Lagoons and Ponds
  • Tennis Courts
  • Outdoor Volleyball Courts
  • Community Gardens
  • Picnic Areas
  • Water Spray Features
  • Playgrounds

Tour Chicago Real Estate with Anne Rossley

Tour Rogers Park Manor Homes

For Sale and Recently Sold!

Select One of the Following Links:

Computer Format  (pdf)            Tablet Format

Three homes available for sale today:

2600 W Coyle Rogers Park Manor

2600 W Coyle


2625 W Farwell Chicago Real Estate

2625 W Farwell


2656 W Coyle chicago real estate

2656 W Coyle


ListedSoldASFClosed DateRmsBRBABuiltLot Rehab?Taxes
ACTV2656Coyle$469,90038801042192133 X 124Yes$3,982.79
CLSD2628Coyle$400,000$380,00027268/29/131542.1192333 X 124No$5,535.13
CLSD2627Lunt$415,000$400,000NR9/11/13832.1192825 X 125Yes$6,262.45

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Other Links:

Map of Chicago Historic Districts

Historic Chicago Bungalow Initiative

WBEZ – 100 Years of Chicago Bungalows

Vintage Homes for Sale – Chicago Historic Properties


lakewood balmoral historic district

New vintage homes for sale – built 1880’s  – early 1900’s — there are some great historic properties for sale on Chicago’s north side neighborhoods

Tour New Listings  – Vintage Homes for Sale

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chicago vintage homes-historic property

3627 N Bell

4 Bedroom / 4 Bath


2124 eastwood

2124 W Eastwood

Lincoln Square 3 Bedroom 2 Bath


3757 bosworth

3757 N Bosworth – 2 blocks from Blaine


3 Bedroom   2.1 Bath

3024 hamilton

3023 N Hamilton

4 Bedroom   3.1 Bath


1915 wolfram

3752 N Wayne – Greystone in Blaine School District


5 Bedroom 3.1 Baths

2454 winona

2454 W Winona

3 Bedroom 3 Bath


See Recently Listed Historic Homes for Sale on Chicago’s North Side


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Million Dollar Views – Chicago Real Estate Update

Views!   Views!   Views!!

For the Chicago real estate buyer who craves a condo with a view — here’s your February update.

I have been trolling these properties for one of my clients, and she settled on a lovely unit at 1160 S Michigan.  It’s at the corner of Michigan Avenue and Roosevelt, just behind Trader Joe’s and next to Yolk — the building has the benefit of being “in the thick of things” — perfect for those who love to leave their home and grab a cab in a jiffy.

The northeast view from the unit is spectacular, and to get a 2100 square foot unit at $800,000 was a terrific deal!

Here are some pictures of the condo, which closed 2 weeks ago at $00,000:

1160 michigan ave chicago view

1160 view 600

1160 from Bedroom 2014

1160 S Michigan

Love it?  Don’t Despair!

There are lots of condos available around $1MM if you love a great view — the rest of this post is dedicated to what’s available now, and I’ve included my favorites, too.

Chicago Condos for Sale — Buyer Tour

2 – 3 Bedrooms

Near North (Gold Coast/Streeterville), Loop, South Loop

Select one of the links below to see photos of these properties….

Chicago Condos for Sale February 4, 2014 (2-3BR)

My Favorite Chicago Condos (for sale now) With Great Views

Here are my favorite condos for sale today (2 – 3 bedrooms) that offer great views for around $1,000,000:

195 harbor 02 view

The Parkshore – 195 E Harbor Drive # 1402


I love this building – go east on Randolph as far as you can go – take a left and you’re there! They allow dogs, the pool and fitness room are great, and they have tennis court and a lovely park area!

This is a smaller 3 bedroom, but it’s one of my favorite views in the city.

233 e 13th view

233 E 13th St # 1205


The price has been reduced since it was listed 130 days ago – the competing listing one floor below sold at $1,050,000, and it also had lovely upgrades. My client was considering this one – it’s larger and has more upgrades than the 1160 S Michigan unit, but it wasn’t worth the extra money for her needs.

Nadine did a lovely job capturing the views from this condo, don’t you think?

415 E North Water

415 E North Water 


This 2 bedroom split floor plan (1770 square feet) offers a different view than the South Loop condos – parking is extra, and the building includes a health club and indoor pool.

600 Fairbanks 3802

600 N Fairbanks #3802


This Helmut Jahn glass building was completed in 2008 – this 2 bedroom/2.5 bath 1536 square foot unit offers a recessed terrace, sun deck, and indoor dog run. Parking is extra.

1211 prairie

1211 S Prairie #2304


1212 lake shore 6aN

1212 N Lake Shore Drive 6AN


I love this building! Fantastic indoor pool, fitness center, roof deck, and each unit has a wide terrace overlooking Lake Shore Drive.

1300 lake shore 10D copy

1300 N Lake Shore Drive 10D


Margaret Carlson’s listing at 1300 Lake Shore Drive has some interesting upgrades! This view is phenomenal, both to the north AND south the East Lake Shore Drive. With a private entrance and  2200 square feet, this is a terrific unit for someone craving a great Lake Michigan view!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

When you’re ready to make an begin your condo search, 

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Lincoln Park Home Sales- Chicago Real Estate Update


Lincoln Park Homes For Sale

Lincoln Park Home Sales

Have Proven to be a Fantastic Investment since 1993!

Today, the average home is listed at $ 2,490,000. Granted, this is not the average SALES price — homes in 2013 sold, on average, for $ 1,573,344.

Homes haven’t always sold at this price level!

I did some research to find out exactly how homes have sold over the last 20 years.

Below is a chart showing the number of homes that closed in Lincoln Park for 1993, 2003, and 2013 for various price levels. The number of homes in total didn’t vary by much – in fact, exactly 216 sold in 1993 AND 2013.

The interesting part, though, is how the prices were distributed.

Lincoln Park Single Family Home Sales

In 1993, only one home sold for over $2 MM – in fact, it sold for $ 2,700. By 2003, the highest priced home closed at $3,925,000. Last year, one home sold for $ 9,035,000.



Home Price Appreciation


How did the average priced home do over these 20 years?

Lincoln Park Single Family Home Price Appreciation

Average Price for Single Family Homes Sold

1993:      $ 434,741

2003:     $1,187,025

2013:     $1,573,344

I’m not a math whiz, so I can’t dazzle you with return on investment numbers,

nor can I calculate the gain if you leveraged your investment with a 20% down payment.

How, though, did real estate sales compare to the S&P 500?

We are all thrilled with how high the stock market has grown, aren’t we?

The S&P closed at 1756.65 on 12/31/2013, according to my source.

That’s 3.765 times the closing value (466.45) on 12/31/1993.

During the same time period,

Lincoln Park homes sold for 3.619 times the 1993 average price.

We think of the market as being so strong, but are we giving the real estate market the same love?!

Congratulations to those of you who bought real estate before 1993!

If you were late to the party, perhaps due to your birth year, or another circumstance,

Don’t Despair!

Real Estate continues to be a fantastic investment opportunity!

Rates are still low!

Now is the time to find your next (or first) real estate purchase!

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Best Places to Retire – Chicago Seniors Real Estate Update

When we Chicago Seniors (and as I’m over 50, I have to include myself in this group!) enjoy a winter such as this one, when Punxsutawney Phil sees his shadow (as he did yesterday), and when I see Facebook posts from far away Shangri-La destinations,

then the old question rings in my head…

Where are the best places to retire?

And how soon can I go there?!?!

Twenty years ago, when we were adopting Thomas from Costa Rica,  Everyone was touting Costa Rica as THE place to go – no taxes on unearned income, tropical paradise, eco-adventures, great fishing and surfing…

La Paz Waterfall - Costa Rica

La Paz Waterfall


We checked out a few places, but raising a family  (and saving for college) was more important than purchasing land in a far away land.

We visited Costa Rica whenever we could, and we dreamed of the time when we’d launch our kids and move near beaches with Mojitos and Cabanas.

Retire Outside the U.S.

A recent article by Kathleen Peddicord in US News listed the best places to retire outside the United States – based on what’s most  comfortable, affordable, convenient and rewarding for seniors.

Her top 5 Retirement Spots for Seniors:

5.  Chiang Mai, Thailand

4.  Cuenca, Ecuador

3.  Ambergris Caye, Belize

2.  Languedoc, France

1.  Coronado, Panama

Costa Rica was NOT one of them…  Hmmm…

Read the entire article here – select this link

Follow Kathleen’s blog – Live and Invest Overseas for more on senior retirement outside the U.S.

winter park ski resort

Like Winter? Invest in a Ski Resort!

A recent article by Personal Real Estate Investor Magazine lists the top ski resort investment opportunities. Whitefish Mountain Resort in Whitefish, Montana leads the list.

The Top 5 Resorts:

5.  Jackson, WY

4.  Avon, CO

3.  Vail, CO

2.  Truckee, CA

1.  Whitefish, MT

My Chicago Senior neighbor (and I mean senior – 76 years old!) – spends as much time in Steamboat Springs as he can, skiing away. When in Chicago, he teaches skiing at Wilmot. He was smart- he bought his ski retirement property a long time ago — when he was young. He’ll be skiing at least another 15 years, knowing him. Way to go, Joe — you’re my idol!!!

Not interested in owning, but an inexpensive vacation in a reasonably priced condo is appealing?  Check out my brother’s condo in Winter Park, Colorado — ask for the “sister discount!”

See the entire list of ski resort investment recommendation by selecting this link.

Regardless of where,

Regardless of why,

Invest in Real Estate for Retirement!

1.  Gain more leverage

2.  Grow Tax-Free

3.  Tax Free Cash-Flow

4.  Tax Write-offs against other income

5.  Rental Real Estate is a forced retirement plan

These 5 benefits are described in the recent article by Mark Kohler in Entrepeneur.

Where do Foreigners Invest?

Interestingly enough, of the top 6 places FOREIGN INVESTORS choose to purchase real estate, 5 are in the United States –

See the CNBC video and read the article here:  Select this link


Other links of interest for Chicago Seniors thinking of retirement:

Where famous expert recommend you invest

Milken Institute’s Best Cities for Successful Aging

10 Best Small Cities to Retire In

10 Low-Cost Cities for Retirement

Top 10 REITs for 2014 — Select this link


 Whatever stage of life you’re in,

when you need to evaluate your real estate holdings,

when you want to learn how much equity you have in your home(s),

contact Anne Rossley  

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Superbowl Sunday, Jewelry, and Chicago Real Estate


superbowl marks chiago real estate market start

It’s Superbowl Sunday — traditionally, the start of Chicago’s spring real estate market. In the next few weeks, the winter weather will begin to subside, and buyers will come out in droves to find their new homes. It’s the busiest 4 months of the year for Chicago Real Estate!

I love sports, and I particularly love the Bears, but  Superbowl without my team isn’t the highlight of my sports year.  One thing I look forward to, however, is the annual Superbowl gathering with my dear friends – Linda and Barb. They host my crazy family every year, and this tradition began with JEWELRY.

Let me go back to the beginning…

Tom bought my engagement ring 27 years ago from Erckman Jewelers. Barb and Linda Erckman took on the business when their father died, and the business was located on Wabash Ave –  Jeweler’s Row. Tom was referred to them by a colleague who himself purchased an engagement ring from them. Until he proposed, I didn’t know one could have a “personal jeweler”. I was more familiar with where  “every kiss begins” and Zales. Until Tom popped the question, my jewelry was costume or small family items.

I met Barb and Linda Erckman when I got the ring sized, and then again when we picked out our wedding rings. In the years since then, we have sent my brothers to them for their engagement and wedding rings. I give them my “wish list” and Tom occasionally goes in to buy an anniversary gift. I would recommend them to anyone looking to buy important pieces – it costs no more (in fact LESS) to find exactly the right thing with them than to run in and grab “off the shelf”  items at a retail outlet.

Our friendship has become more than jewelry, however. 

erckman jewelers engagementSixteen years ago, Linda and I spent several weeks together in Venezuela, adopting babies who were born within a month of one another. We shared the excitement, the fear, and the ultimate joy of bringing these children into our families. I was blessed to get to know Zar, Linda’s mother, as we anxiously waited each day in our Caracas hotel for a phone call saying we could bring our babies home.

Our children are now 16!

Superbowl Sunday is the one day each year we pledge to see one another and share in our good fortune. It’s more about family and community than football, more about sharing our good fortune than watching new commercials.

So Superbowl Sunday, jewelry, family, and a rest before the real estate boom go hand in hand for me.

When you consider buying jewelry for a special someone – the one you plan on creating years of traditions with – I suggest you work with great personal jewelers –

Erckman Jewelers

Looking for great businesses in Chicago –

those with the highest professionalism, service, and finest products/pricing?

Call me !


Anne Rossley Chicago Real Estate Broker



Cook County Property Taxes are Due

cook county property tax information

This week, we received our Cook County Property Tax Bill — in 2014, taxes are due March 4th.

One of the most confusing facts about our property taxes, which trips up many buyers and sellers, is what you’re paying for on that date.  In Cook County, we pay taxes in arrears, meaning that on 3/4, you’re paying for LAST YEAR’s taxes.  You won’t pay for all 12  months’ worth, as you know. You’ll be paying for the first half of property taxes. It’s half of what you paid IN TOTAL the year before.

The second installment, due in the fall, may or may not (emphasizing may NOT) be the same amount. That second payment gets adjusted, based on several factors – property value, tax protests that succeeded or failed, county budgets, and more. Learn how the Cook County Property Tax System works at cookcountypropertyinfo.com.

how do cook county property taxes work

For more information on this and other FAQs about your property taxes, see the brochures available from the Cook County Treasurer’s Office:

How to Read Your Bill

New Homeowners Guide

Property Tax Payment Guide

Saving you Money

cook county property tax information

Get the Information on YOUR HOME

There’s a web address where you can find out information from the various offices – Treasurer, Clerk, Recorder, Assessor – you can download forms, read about the tax system, see the upcoming calendar, and read about saving money on your taxes.

One Stop  Website–

Cook County Property Information 


 Property Tax Savings Information

Property Tax Savings Program NOT included in the above website:

property tax preservation of illinois

Property Tax Freeze Assessment for Historic Properties

For information on this program, go to one of the following links:

trust for historic architectural easements

Financial Savings for Historic Properties – Residential/Commercial – Local, State, Federal

Property Tax Assessment Freeze

Other savings programs available for homeowners:

  1. Local Incentives, such as the Chicago Bungalow Initiative
  2. Property Facade Easement Donation — see also Preservation Easement Trust
  3. Energy Star tax savings on Federal Income Taxes – see Kiplinger Article – November, 2013
  4. FNMA construction loans, such as the 203K

What’s a 203K?  Realtor.com article
FAQ Sheet on 203K loans
Current 203K loan limits
Ask a Qualified Lender how to get your 203K loan — Contact Diane Pyshos

For information on Cook County Property Taxes, Tax Savings Programs, or to find qualified homes for these savings opportunities,

Contact Anne Rossley Today!


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Chicago Selective Enrollment High School Admissions

I don’t know how many applications have been entered into the system for the CPS selective enrollment freshman class of 2018 – I’m sure, though, it’s a new record. This past Saturday, January 25, was the last date for 8th graders to take the exam, 1 of 3 criteria used in the admissions process. (Select this link to get FAQs on the CPS Selective Enrollment Process)

chicago public schools

The selective enrollment high school experience is the finest education opportunity in the state of Illinois.

As many of you know, I’m the Chairperson for the Friends of Jones parent organization. I’m a huge fan of Chicago Public Schools, and more specifically, the teachers and administrations who go above and beyond to provide a great educational experience for our kids.

Jones College Prep has become one of the premier selective enrollment schools, indeed, one of the best schools in the state of Illinois. (It’s the first CPS school to win the Dept of Education’s Blue Ribbon Award.) When the new Jones College Prep building was under construcxtion this year, the South Loop neighbors raised concerns about local education opportunities, and Mayor Emanuel answered by creating the CTE program for engineering/law. Students apply for 75 seats in the freshman class each year that offer pre-engineering/pre-law educational experiences – in addition to the honors-only college prep classes in this world-class facility.

Jones College PrepHaving worked closely with department chairs Chuck Trott (engineering) and Christy Gerst (law), I cannot image finer leaders and educators for the talented and fortunate students who are selected into their programs. Students won’t learn until March if they’re accepted, but I want to say, “Congratulations!” now to those who will soon learn that they have been accepted into this fine program.

I understand that over 4000 applications were submitted for these 75 slots. WOW!!!!

jones college prep - best kept secret

Granted, most have probably ALSO applied for the general selective enrollment seats, but I’m delighted that Chicago is already recognizing what an amazing program Jones is offering.

Jones College Prep used to be the best kept secret in Chicago education, but it’s a secret NO MORE!

Want to find homes for sale in the Jones CTE Boundaries?

homes for sale - Jones College Prep High School

Select this link!

The selective enrollment process is very stressful, and perhaps not the best method for assigning 8th graders to a Chicago High School (there’s probably no PERFECT method for all–  but let’s keep trying!!!!) .  I’m sending a virtual hug to all parents with a message, “Hang in there! It’s going to be okay! It truly does work out in the end!!!”

amundsen high school vikingsI applaud Chicago residents who are leading grass roots efforts to improve  neighborhood high schools — kudos to Amy Williamson who’s leading the charge at Amundsen, and others who are working to make their local high schools a viable option for Chicago students and parents.


Today, more people are choosing to live in Chicago and raise a family. It may not be simple, but I sincerely believe it is a magnificent opportunity for raising our children to become the finest adults anywhere. They’re independent, flexible, aware, open-minded, confident, and unflappable. They go to college with color-blindness, street smarts, AND a great education.

When asked where they’re from, they say, “Chicago!”, and they clarify that it’s the CITY – not a suburb.  Their new friend is envious and awestruck that our child has climbed the highest mountain – he/she has a great education, a great social experience, and world-class cultural upbringing. These Chicagoans are  truly accomplished, well-rounded, and confident. They have the world by the tail.

chicago public schools 8th grade graduate


I’m so glad I chose to raise my kids in the city!

Good luck, Chicago 8th Graders –
May the odds be with you!

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