Lakewood Balmoral Real Estate Update

Lakewood Balmoral Real Estate Update


Year in Review

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Lakewood Balmoral – treasured historic district in Chicago’s Edgewater Community – – had 10 sales in 2013. The table below lists the basic data, but you can see more photos and get information by taking a virtual tour of the homes  — select this link for pictures and information:

Lakewood Balmoral

Tour of Homes Sold  — 2013

5431 wayne - Lakewood Balmoral, Chicago

5431 N Wayne

For Sale – $845,000

5457 N Wayne - Lakewood Balmoral - Chiago

5457 N Wayne

For Sale – $1,395,000

The property at 5457 N Wayne, now at $ 1,395,000, has been listed 5 times for a total of 639 days since first listed in August, 2011.  It has been listed as high as $1,680,000.

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More info:  Lakewood Balmoral Historic District

See homes for sale today in Lakewood Balmoral – select this link!

List PriceSoldASF# RmsBRBaths# CarsLot Size
5457Wayne$1,395,000NEW50001253.1229 X 123
5446Magnolia$895,000$940,0000952.1237.5 X 123
5345Magnolia$899,900$845,00001054137.5 X 123
5340Magnolia$799,000$810,0000741.1450 X 123

Staging your home for sale – Laundry Room

Staging your home for sale has become a requirement in the last 2o years.

Not only will staging help you sell FASTER and at a HIGHER PRICE, but so many sellers employ staging techniques prior to going on the market that the few who do not properly prepare to sell are at a tremendous disadvantage.

Lately, laundry room areas have become an important area of focus for today’s buyers. When I first began selling condos in the Gold Coast/Near North side of Chicago, more condos DIDN’T have washers and dryers than those that did. Today, most of my buyers won’t look at a condo unless it includes a washer and dryer. Better yet, an organized, spacious area for cleaning one’s clothes catches buyers eyes and help them fall in love with a home.

Chicago Basement Laundry Area

As professional photos of homes are so critical in selling property, I always limited my photos to the most “photogenic” rooms of the home, ignoring banal locations like mud room, 3rd bathroom, and laundry area. Today’s buyers, however are savvy — if we leave these photos out of the presentation, they often wonder if something’s wrong with the extra baths, entrance, or utility areas.

Here’s an example of one of my unappealing laundry areas – needless to say, we worked on a plan to spruce up this area!

Staging your Home – Checklist

That said, I always include staging the laundry area when I work with my sellers. Like every room in the home, the keys are

  • getting rid of clutter
  • organizing
  • deep cleaning
  • getting rid of foul odors
  • painting, if necessary

Staging your Home – Laundry Room

staging your home for sale- laundry roomMelissa Tracy writes about staging the Laundry Area in her recent article, Dress up the Laundry Room with Style, and she suggests

  • adding storage,
  • adding a folding station, and
  • enhancing with color.


I agree with all her suggestions! To read her full article, select this link: Dress up the Laundry Room with Style

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Other links you might enjoy to help stage your laundry room:

Houzz slideshow of Laundry Rooms

YouTube Video of Tips

Historic Homes – Frank Lloyd Wright Home in Chicago

The historic Frank Lloyd Wright home at 5132 S Woodlawn has been on the market now for over a year. It was listed in November, 2012 for $ 2,500,000 and reduced in May, 2013 to its current price of $2,425,000.

5132 S Woodlawn- Frank Lloyd Wright Home


5132 S Woodlawn

Isidore Heller House


The home sits on a 75×163′ lot, and the original woodwork and stained glass windows are incredible! The home offers 7 bedrooms, 4 baths, 4 fireplaces, and a 2 car garage. The 6100 square foot home is being offered for sale for the first time since being built in 1897.

Frank Lloyd Wright' Isidore Heller House

Frank Lloyd Wright Isidore Heller House hallway

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Chicago Historic Districts

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Catholic High School Exam Date Looms


Chicago School OptionsSaturday, January 11, is the date many 8th graders will be taking the Chicago Catholic High School Entrance Exam.

While CPS offers several dates to take the public school exam, the parochial test is only offered on January 11, 2014.  Eighth graders and their families decide which school to go to on that date – students may only test for one school.

Here are links for several popular Chicago Catholic High Schools:

Find Chicago Catholic High Schools

Select this link to find a Chicago Catholic High School

Chicago Public School applications for high school (selective enrollment, IB, CTE, and magnet) were due in December, 2013 for enrollment in August, 2014. Two more exam dates are available  – January 11 and 25, 2013.

For information about CPS high school enrollment options, select this link

Notifications for CPS high school admissions will be mailed no later than February 21, 2014, according to the Office of Access and Enrollment.

Catholic School acceptance letters go out February 14.

Find Out More about Schools in Chicago

School Selection and Real Estate go hand in hand, but parents often don’t know how to find real estate agents who have extensive experience in how the Chicago school systems work.

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Historic Homes for Sale Under $1,000,000


It’s early in the new year, but Chicago’s north side has several great historic homes for sale under $1,000,000.

To see a virtual tour

of historic homes for sale (over 100 years old) for under $1,000,000,

select this link (pdf version)


condos for sale

Get today’s list of historic homes for sale under $1 Million.

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1350 W Early - Historic Home in Edgewater

1350 W Early
Historic Home in Chicago - 4100 N Maplewood4100 N Maplewood
$ 599,500

Historic Home in Chicago - 1422 W Thome

1422 W Thome
$ 695,000

Historic Homes for Sale- 3757  Bosworth

3757 N Bosworth
$ 769,000

Historic Homes in Chicago - 1828 Berenice

1828 W Berenice

Chicago Neighborhoods included in the search and table below:

Other Chicago neighborhood info — select this link!


 AddressList PriceASFBedroomsBathsLot SizeK-8th School
1769Ainslie$539,000175441.130 X 120McPherson
3939Ravenswood$549,000NR2325 X 108Blaine
1350Early$560,000NR41.140 X 78
4100Maplewood$599,500NR4235 X 118Coonley
5326Bowmanville$645,000NR34.150 X 157.82
1917Larchmont$650,000NR13.125 X 120
1422Thome$695,000350032.125 X 137
3757Bosworth$769,000NR32.133 X 57Blaine
1828Berenice$932,500NR33.137.5' X 125'

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1325 N State Pkwy – Top 10 Things I Miss

1325 state- large 2 bedrooms in chicago's gold coast1325 N State Parkway – Tom and I lived there for over 10 years – we happened upon the top floor unit facing west, and when the next door unit came on the market, we snapped it up and combined the two. We ended up with 2650 square feet on one level in Chicago’s Gold Coast.

Only when Michael (our second) was due to come home from Paraguay did we finally decide to move to a single family. In retrospect, we didn’t have to leave. We could have raised our kids there.

1325 N State is one of a few Gold Coast condominiums whose floor plans are large and wonderful – the 2 bedrooms offer 1650 square feet – much larger than the typical 1200 square foot condominium in Chicago.

condos for saleTo see current listings of large 2 bedrooms

for sale in Chicago’s Gold Coast —

select this link.

Here’s the list of what I miss most

about living at 1325 N State Parkway:

10.  Jim, the old doorman. Slow as molasses but generally happy. The most laughable moment, when we brought Thomas home and he said, “Oh, he’s a dark baby!”

9. Valet parking – the parking garage was attached – no walking in the cold when setting off to my next destination! Guests could park at fairly cheap rates, when using my coupons.

1325 N State Pkwy8.  Being part of the crowd when Chicago celebrates – we yelled out the window and ran to Rush Street when the Bulls won their first and third championships with Michael Jordan.

7.  Being able to walk to work. Most of my real estate career has been in a Gold Coast office location. I could get to work in 10 minutes on foot. We walked to great restaurants and shopping, and we didn’t need to drive when returning from The Lodge or the Zebra Lounge!

6.  Storage – believe it or not, I had more storage in my condo than in my 2 vintage single family homes!

5.  Accessibility to Lincoln Park and the lakefront – we used to walk to the Lincoln Park Zoo with Thomas – in those days, we could feed the ducks (now there are signs prohibiting this activity!).

4. The roof deck and pool — not that I am a sun worshipper or swimmer, but I love the opportunity to pretend I am from time to time!

3.  Neighbors – we met some terrific people in that building, many of whom we’re still in touch with today – 16 years later.

2.  Views – we didn’t have spectacular lake views, as we faced the west. We did, however, have large windows with a panoramic cityscape. Sunsets were gorgeous and the city sparkled at night.

1. Living in one of the great neighborhoods (Gold Coast) in the world’s greatest city (Chicago!)

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UnitClosed DateListedSold ASF$/SFDaysRoomsBRBA


1325 N State Parkway – 2013 Sales

To see photos and get information on condos that sold in 2013, select one of the following links.

IPAD version for 1325 N State

Desktop (pdf) version for 1325 N State

Seniors – Finding a Home Care Agency

senior real estate - Anne RossleyHome care for seniors is becoming more and more popular –

1.  aging in place – some seniors wish to stay in their homes and have someone come in to help;

2. independent living – if a seniors in an independent living facility, but needs a bit of a hand, in-home care can postpone moving into the assisted-living residential facility.

If in-home care is sought, it’s critical to find the best possible agency/person to care for our loved ones.

How do we do that?

Retirement Homes offers this article on how to choose a Home Care Agency:

Article – How to Choose a Home Care Agency 

  • Do you have a parent who needs help in downsizing?

  • Are you considering a move to smaller space?

  • Ready to take advantage of the home equity in your home?

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Chicago Bungalows for Sale

Chicago Bungalows offer a great real estate bargain for house hunters on the city’s north side. Here are a few of this week’s offerings – click on the photos to learn more about the properties.

Also – you can click on the Map Below to get a virtual home tour of these properties.

Chicago Bungalows for Sale

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2543 Fargo chicago bungalow

2600 coyle bungalow


2613 w lunt chicago bungalows for sale 2910 wilson chicago bungalows for sale 4850 avers chicago bungalows for sale

4919 Bell chicago bungalows for sale

5130 lowell chicago bungalows for sale

5812 sacramento chicago bungalow for sale

6419 mozart

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More taxes for distressed borrowers?

distressed homeowner reliefIf Congress doesn’t act on the Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act, which expires at the end of this year, it could leave distressed borrowers with an additional financial burden in 2014.

The measure was designed to keep underwater homeowners from having to pay income taxes on the portion of their mortgage debt that was wiped out in a short sale or other mitigation tactic.

“What you’re looking at is people who have lost their house,” says Marceline White of the Maryland Consumer Rights Coalition. “And then to have them hit with this [tax] just boggles the mind.”

Maryland legislators plan to renew a measure exempting residents from state taxes even if the federal law sunsets, but few other states have similar protections in place. There are three bills on Capitol Hill seeking extension of the federal law, but it is uncertain how much of a priority the issue will be in Congress next year.

“We’re far from out of the foreclosure crisis,” White warned.  “We hope that policymakers look at longer-term solutions.”

Source: “Underwater Homeowners Could Face Extra Tax Burden in 2014,” The Washington Post (Dec. 26, 2013)

See also:

Mortgage Tax Relief will be Taxable in 2014 (Chicago Tribune)

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