superbowl marks chiago real estate market start

It’s Superbowl Sunday — traditionally, the start of Chicago’s spring real estate market. In the next few weeks, the winter weather will begin to subside, and buyers will come out in droves to find their new homes. It’s the busiest 4 months of the year for Chicago Real Estate!

I love sports, and I particularly love the Bears, but  Superbowl without my team isn’t the highlight of my sports year.  One thing I look forward to, however, is the annual Superbowl gathering with my dear friends – Linda and Barb. They host my crazy family every year, and this tradition began with JEWELRY.

Let me go back to the beginning…

Tom bought my engagement ring 27 years ago from Erckman Jewelers. Barb and Linda Erckman took on the business when their father died, and the business was located on Wabash Ave –  Jeweler’s Row. Tom was referred to them by a colleague who himself purchased an engagement ring from them. Until he proposed, I didn’t know one could have a “personal jeweler”. I was more familiar with where  “every kiss begins” and Zales. Until Tom popped the question, my jewelry was costume or small family items.

I met Barb and Linda Erckman when I got the ring sized, and then again when we picked out our wedding rings. In the years since then, we have sent my brothers to them for their engagement and wedding rings. I give them my “wish list” and Tom occasionally goes in to buy an anniversary gift. I would recommend them to anyone looking to buy important pieces – it costs no more (in fact LESS) to find exactly the right thing with them than to run in and grab “off the shelf”  items at a retail outlet.

Our friendship has become more than jewelry, however. 

erckman jewelers engagementSixteen years ago, Linda and I spent several weeks together in Venezuela, adopting babies who were born within a month of one another. We shared the excitement, the fear, and the ultimate joy of bringing these children into our families. I was blessed to get to know Zar, Linda’s mother, as we anxiously waited each day in our Caracas hotel for a phone call saying we could bring our babies home.

Our children are now 16!

Superbowl Sunday is the one day each year we pledge to see one another and share in our good fortune. It’s more about family and community than football, more about sharing our good fortune than watching new commercials.

So Superbowl Sunday, jewelry, family, and a rest before the real estate boom go hand in hand for me.

When you consider buying jewelry for a special someone – the one you plan on creating years of traditions with – I suggest you work with great personal jewelers –

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