retirement real estate- anne rossleyWhere are the best states for retirement?

As a Senior Real Estate Specialist (and over age 50), I’m always looking for recommendations on the best places to retire.

Find the best real estate agent in your future retirement localefind real estate agents in retirement locales has published the following 10 states as the BEST for retirees:

Their criteria for choosing the best states for retirement?

  • Senior population growth – fastest growth in the 65+ age group, as measured by the federal census.
  • Economic conditions – cost of living, property taxes, and part-time work availability
  • Crime rate – violent and property crime rates
  • Climate – least variations from 68 degrees
  • Life expectancy – this includes quality of health care, environmental conditions, and other factors

10 Best States to Retire (2012)

1. Hawaii

More seniors over 65 than any other state, 2nd for consistently moderate temps, however, highest cost of living in the US.

2. Idaho

Low crime rate, good economy, 3rd in senior population growth.

3. Utah

Fast-growing senior population and good economy

4. Arizona

Life expectancy for 65-year-olds is third-highest in the nation and great weather, but higher crime rates.

5. Virginia

Low crime rate and high on every other criteria EXCEPT life expectancy.

6. Colorado

Fourth in senior population growth

7. (tie) Florida

First for climate and 2nd for life expectancy among seniors. The overall crime rate is among the highest in the nation.

7. (tie) New Mexico

Great climate but choose your location wisely-New Mexico’s overall crime rate is one of the 10 worst in the nation.

9. South Dakota

One of the highest average life expectancies in the nation, and the crime rate is also one of the lowest in the U.S.

10. (tie) California

Despite the state’s economic woes, the climate is spectacular and life expectancies are among the best in the nation.

10. (tie) Texas also chose the WORST places to retire, and I’m chagrined to report that Illinois is among them.

I suppose it’s not a surprise – with the state of our economy, weather, and Chicago crime rates, I wouldn’t have expected us to be at the top.

I know, however, many friends and clients who have retirement homes here.

Maybe the answer is to find a way to enjoy a home in Chicago and a home in one of the top 10 states!

If you need a real estate agent in one of those states – call me! I have colleagues and resources all over the United States who can help you find your next great home!

Anne Rossley
Baird & Warner

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