I’m never sure how to describe my interests in Twitter, Facebook, and other social media profiles…

… Dog lover, sports enthusiast, history buff …  ?

…  Labradoodle nut, Cubs and Bears Forever(!), genealogist …?

I rarely, however, include “Reading” as an interest.

I LOVE reading, and I’ve been a member of Goodreads for a long time. Sadly, however, I don’t have much time to embrace this passion. This summer, I tried a new tactic —  work out and listen to an audiobook…  drive and listen to a motivational or training CD … but it’s just not the same as holding the book and seeing the images dance off the pages.

The kids are madly trying to finish their summer reading assignments before school starts next week, and I confess that I’m envious.

As I scanned the real estate blogs tonight, I  came across a fantastic idea… a neighborhood lending library. The concept is that someone builds a cute little house (bigger than a birdhouse but smaller than a doghouse) for their front yard. Neighbors  stop by and take a book, replacing it with another for the next passer-by. It’s a friendly way to share a “good read” and keep solid, sturdy books in circulation.

The movement has taken off, and you can see examples of libraries on their website.

Am I too much of a romantic to believe that this could work in my Chicago neighborhood?

Who has a Free Little Library near their home?

Who has a plan for building one?

…perhaps a plan for an historic house with a Cubs flag flying and a Labradoodle in the front yard?!



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