Edgewater Bricolage III Update

This week, action heats up with the next Bricolage planned for the Edgewater neighborhood.  On Saturday evening, Tracey Van Duinen  and Todd Osborne will be projecting the image onto the Foster Ave underpass, and neighbors will have the chance to help trace the design on the wall.

Then, during the summer, the mosaic pieces will be applied and we will be able to see the project come alive!


For the first time, residents are invited to join in, tracing part of the design and participating in the initial steps of the art project.  The action begins at 7:30 for those who are interested in participating.

The theme this year is a tribute to Native Americans from the Edgewater and Uptown neighborhoods

I am so excited about this project — I love the art, I love the community involvement, I think Tracey and Todd are doing top notch work (and they’re great guys!), and I smile every time I walk or drive through the beautiful mosaic walls.  I think this project is one of the most under-appreciated in Edgewater and Chicago, but I’m grateful Ernie Constantino and Mary Ann Smith are fans of public art–we will appreciate their efforts for years to come as we enjoy this commemorative Chicago Public Art!


Bricolage on WTTW

Chicago Public Art Group

48th Ward Website

For more information on the Edgewater neighborhood, select this link.

To see homes for sale in these neighborhoods…



Anne Rossley, Rubloff, specializes in historic and vintage home sales on Chicago’s north side, including the Edgewater and Uptown neighborhoods.

Honoring my Family’s Vet

This weekend I’m thinking of Ed Rudnicki, my uncle.  Uncle Ed flew 23 missions in WW II, later serving in Korea and Ft. Sheridan’s 5th Army Intelligence before retiring as a Lt Colonel .  We proudly attended his military funeral at Arlington National Cemetery, and we’ve visited his grave several times since 1976.WWII Flight Group

Bob Woodruff is spearheading a charity to support the troops – ReMind.org.  ReMIND.org is ensuring our heroes return home with the assistance they need to successfully integrate back into society. Tweet to Remind is trying to get $ 1.65MM – one dollar for every serviceman who has served since 9/11.  It’s my pleasure to honor Uncle Ed by contributing to this worthy cause.

I particularly enjoyed the article by James Key in USA Today about his service at Arlington Cemetery.  Check it out!

In addition to military Memorial Day activities, Bike the Drive is happening Sunday morning. It’s one of my favorite Chicago activities!

Whatever you do this weekend, have a very happy Memorial Day!

Bike The Drive 2005
Wildcat Dunny – Flickr

New Bricolage Plans Unveiled for 48th Ward

The third Edgewater bricolage will be completed this summer  –  this one at the Foster – Lake Shore Drive underpass.  This mosaic will feature Chicago Native American history, culture, motifs, stories, and current day Indians.

The project will be unveiled tomorrow evening (5/21) in the president’s room at St. Andrews Church, 5649 N Sheridan.  Sponsored by 48th Ward Alderman, Mary Ann Smith, a series of talks is being planned for 2009 and 2010 on Indian Culture and archeology in the Edgewater and Uptown areas.

Workshops are being held over the next two weeks for residents to create the materials t0 be used in the mural.  On June 1, Lakewood Balmoral residents will be participating in a workshop, hosted by  St. Ita’s North Side Catholic Academy.  Then, in July, Tracy Van Duinen and Todd Osborne  (with their army of Uptown youth), will begin applying the tiles to the Foster Avenue underpass.

Edgewater Neighborhood ChicagoTo see WTTW’s video about the Edgewater bricolage, select this link.

If you are interested in learning more about the project, or if you would like to participate in a workshop, contact Anne Rossley of Rubloff.

Happy Birthday Buddha

I just love driving on Ashland Avenue during the first week of May — Happy  Birthday Buddha!  Truc Lam Temple, which replaced the old Masonic Lodge, is bright and cheerful this week.

I know nothing about this festival, but I did pick up a book by the Dalia Lama this week.

What can I say?  I was inspired!


Some people commenting on the Uptown Update expressed dismay over how bright and eye-catching the decorations are…. personally, I love it!

Buddhist Temple takes over Masonic Lodge

5400 – The Epicenter of Chicago Rock Music

What one block in the city…

…who’s also made Double Door in Wicker Park a favorite for music-lovers?

That question segues nicely to Double Door’s neighbor, Subterranean.

Three soon-to-be rock legends performed there with School of Rock today…

  • All three make their home on this very same impressive rock block in historic Lakewood Balmoral

and attended a recent block party…

“Studio 5400”

Still don’t know?

That’s okay — enjoy the video!

Keeping Swine Flu out of Edgewater and Uptown

After Kilmer Elementary School in Rogers Park was closed to keep Swine Flu outbreaks to a minimum, residents have been seen walking around in masks. On April 29, the Sun-Times reported 9 possible cases in Chicago.

What should you know?

  • The city has set up a Swine Flu hotline — Call 311 with your questions
  • Visit the city’s website – in several languages – to get updates and information.
  • Schools are doing what they can to prevent the spread of illness, but they are asking neighbors to donate soap, cleaning products (including paper towels), hand sanitizer, and disinfecting sprays.  Please bring what you can to the ward office at 5533 N Broadway.

Recent reports regarding the flu are optimistic — I heard on WLS this morning that perhaps the outbreak isn’t as virulent, as it lacks an amino acid that makes it a more serious threat. I’m optimistic that this is a credible report, and we will be thinking of some other news in a couple weeks.

I wish you a healthy May!

Edgewater Community Service and Care for Real Update

Edgewater Community Service Day – May 9

Mary Ann Smith’s office (48th Ward) just announced another community service day for the Edgewater Community.  On May 9, volunteers will gather at the ward office, 5533 N Broadway, at 10 am to clean and paint public areas and parks in the community.


If you are interested in participating…

  1. Please RSVP to Heather Steans’ office
  2. Arrive on May 9 wearing work clothes and carrying gloves

The Day of Service is sponsored by Alderman Smith, State Senator Heather Steans, State Representative Harry Osterman, Edgewater Beautiful and the Edgewater Chamber of Commerce.

Care for Real Update

Care for Real provides food, clothing and counseling services to more than 1,500 registered households-  over 3300 individuals – who visit the pantry an average of 7 times during the year.  This is almost triple the number of families served just 18 months ago, and it means they helped Edgewater residents almost 24,000 times in 2008. The need is great, and Care for Real is staying on top of the changes necessary to help our neighbors in need.

1.  Clothing and other donations are accepted during business hours now at 6044 N Broadway.  There is an off street parking area in the back.

2.  The CFR Clothes Closet, for those wanting the clothes, will now be at Epworth Church (Kenmore and Berwyn), and will be open on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays from 9 – noon.

3.  Food distribution and administration will remain at the 6044 N Broadway address.


Video Link – ABC News video – 2008

Edgewater Community Council

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Films Made in Chicago

There are so many great movies filmed in Chicago (and suburbs) …

  • Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
  • The Fugitive
  • The Dark Knight
  • Return to Me
  • Risky Business
  • Ordinary People

…to name just a few.

This video is a great reminder of Chicago films   —  Enjoy!

Dog Friendly Neighborhoods in Chicago

Which neighborhood is best for dog owners?  Are dogs welcome in condos?

Dogs are welcome in Chicago condos most of the time, but there are often limits to the number and size of the dogs, as well as some neuter requirements.  Make sure your Realtor works diligently to find out the condo rules for the building you’re looking at.  I’ve heard too many horror stories of buyers having to choose between Fido and the condo of their dreams…

Here are the currently available condo statistics for dogs:


# Condos

No Pets

Accept Dogs

Weight Limit

Count Limit




509 (86.9%)






863 (86.4%)



Lincoln Park



402 (82.4%)



Gold Coast














Tanakawho on Flickr.com

Tanakawho on Flickr.com


Chicago Citizen Canine
Park District Dog Areas
Chicago Canine Dog Park Guide

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