Decorating Ideas and Landscaping Tips – June 2013

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Time for Fall Lawn and Garden Clean-up!

Chicago Homeowners – need a check list of what to do in your lawn and garden over the next 3 weeks?

We’re enjoying the last warm days of fall –  take advantage of the mild weather and get those final landscape chores taken care of!

Here are some articles that will give you ideas for taking care of your lawn and garden.

Sean Conway recommends the following (download entire Tribune article):

  • Cut back perennials
  • Keep on top of raking
  • Gather needles from conifers and use as topper (see Chicago fall tree tips)
  • Tie up ornamental grass clumps – haven’t done that one!
  • Plant cover crop over vegetable garden
  • Top-dress cleaned beds with mulch
  • Add garden stakes where needed

He didn’t add “Plant bulbs” but we all know that one, right? It’s time for planting!


I just found the Chicagoland Gardening Blog – looks good – I’m going to follow it for a while!


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