Find a Million Dollar Condo in Chicago

Find a Million Dollar Condo in Chicago

What’s it like to shop for a $1MM 3 Bedroom condo in the heart of Chicago?

Pretend you’re looking to

Find a Million Dollar Condo in Chicago…

and join me as I recount my day on Monday….

Presidents Day – Weather:  50’s and Rain … ALLLLLLLL  DAYYYYYY…..

8:30 am – Preparation

I reconfirmed all appointments yesterday – unlike just about EVERYWHERE ELSE, in Chicago, the listing agent meets us at a specific time to see each property. We don’t have lockboxes, and the time IS NOT fluid…  If you don’t like the outside of a property, you still have to be polite and go inside, because the seller left and the listing agent is waiting for us!

I’m out the door – running first to the grocery store for water and snacks and then to the  gas station to fill the tank…  it’s raining so hard that I didn’t need to wash the car…

9:15 am

Pick up clients at Presidential Towers in the West Loop –  the husband works in the loop – his wife still lives in Ohio until their daughter graduates from high school this spring…  it’s common to see spouses separate to give kids a chance to stay in their schools.

9:30 –  25 E Superior St

The Fordham is luxury condo building completed in 2003 – found in the River North Neighborhood. (See Market Trends here)

River North

The listing agent is waiting for us in the lobby, and she did a magnificent job of showcasing the property– The 3 BR condo was originally listed at $1,279,000 in May, 2017 and since has been staged and reduced in price  to $1,150,000. It’s well located, with a city view. The unit – under 2100 SF – might be a bit too small…they liked the split BR floor plan.

looking for a million dollar condo in Chicago

We had a quick look at the indoor pool and fitness center before heading off to our next appointment.

It’s pouring rain – ughhh! – we parked in a loading zone with flashers on…the challenge of showing property in downtown Chicago!

10:00  1000 N Lake Shore Plaza

Located at the corner of Oak Street and Michigan Avenue overlooking Oak Street Beach – don’t confuse it  with 1000 N Lake Shore Drive (just to the north). Built in 1964, it doesn’t look very pretty on the outside. I used to avoid showing here, but I’ve since come to appreciate this building – the units are lovely and the building’s well-staffed and the common areas have been updated.

find a million dollar condo in Chicago

find a million dollar condo in chicago

The unit takes up the north half of building – it’s just under 2500 SF (agents have a way of rounding up the square footage!) In general, it’s a pretty unit – but it needs paint and trim clean-up. There’s a gorgeous view, but we can’t see it, as we’re socked in with fog.

I think the price is a bit on the high side for this tier ( C ), but the unit’s on a high floor and clears 1000 LSD to north, so that’s worth several thousand dollars.

The buyers like the size and aren’t fazed by the need for paint and trim work.

See the 1000 N Lake Shore Building Sales History Here:  Select this link 

10:20   950 Michigan Ave – “One Mag Mile”

We head across the street to our next appointment, located at the top of the “Magnificent Mile” – the stretch from the Chicago River to Oak Street.  The unit needs work – it’s dated —  older furniture and the owner was home -sitting in our way as we squeeze by from the dining room to the kitchen. I got the feeling we were “putting him out” by viewing his unit!

find a million dollar condo in chicago

Although the listing agent is ALWAYS charming, the experience wasn’t charming, given the condition of the unit and the uncomfortable feeling with the seller at home.

We had a quick look at the pool/fitness room and ran through the rain back to the car…This could have been a contender for them, but showing experience ruined it for the buyers.

find a million dollar in chicago

My clients are so sweet – I tried to have them wait under cover while I ran to get car, but they were right with me, running through the rain!

Off to the Streeterville neighborhood! (Streetville – Choose Chicago)

10:45  505 N McClurg Ct – “Parkview Condominiums”

I found loading-zone parking on Illinois St in front of a cupcake shop – no time to buy a treat, though!

An energetic and experienced agent meets us, and she does a good job showing the property, given what she has to work with. The floors have just been refinished, and they’re lovely! The unit looks small, though, because it’s vacant and there isn’t a view, thanks to the fog.

find a million dollar condo in chicago

11:10 160 E Illinois St.

We arrived right on time and waited in the lobby but no agent showed up.  I tried to text him; I tried to call. We can’t show without the agent… so at 11:25 we gave up and went on…

11:40  430 North Water St.

This is one of the townhomes near the Spire hole – (article) a peninsula between Ogden Slip, Lake Michigan, and the Chicago River.  they were originally built on a 99-year land lease, but this unit’s owner bought the land. I couldn’t find parking after 2 passes,  but luckily one of my Baird & Warner colleagues lives nearby – I parked in her driveway.

It’s raining hard now – getting soaked while we wait for the agent to show up.

find a million dollar condo in chicago

This 4-story townhouse is dated – although the kitchen is newer, there’s no hiding the honey colored oak staircase.

find a million dollar condo in chicago

View from the bedroom of Ogden Slip

Seeing this confirmed that they don’t want a townhouse- they want a one-floor condo.

I’m hearing this sentiment  more and more with empty nesters- townhomes are out of style- perhaps a good bargain for the right YOUNG buyer?

Onward and upward…

To get south of the Chicago River, we drive to Lower Michigan Ave, threading our way through Stetson St  and Columbus Ave, meandering up 2 levels to upper Randolph St. I feel like I have the secret key to the city, using streets that many don’t know exist!


lakeshore east

450 Waterside Dr – “The Chandler”

This is the “most northeastern” building in the Lake Shore East area (See area information here).  I sign in with the doorman, and we chat with a seller who’s about to list her condo. She offers to show us the unit, and we agree to see it. It’s a south view, looking into the lot where 2 buildings will block the view- not for us!

Back downstairs, and the listing agent isn’t there. She texts to tell me to show without her, but the doorman won’t let me in. Even with ID, the permission form requires the listing agent to be present. Time’s up, so we leave and go next door to stay on schedule.

420 Waterside Dr – “The Regatta”

Okay – it’s just next door, but I move my car anyway!

One of my favorite agents meets us – very experienced and knowledgeable. It makes such a difference to be greeted by a great agent!

Sellers who choose to work with a TEAM instead of a seasoned agent run the risk of having an inexperienced assistant “opening the door” for the buyer and not truly showcasing the property.

The unit is traditionally furnished – a bit out of character with this newer building, but it still looks lovely. It’s a northeast view, overlooking the Chicago River and Navy Pier. The buyers like it a lot.

find a million dollar condo in chicago

Next, we go to another unit in the building – the same TIER – meaning same floor plan and view – just a different floor height. It’s priced less. However, the parking is not included in the list price. The seller’s asking $55K for each of the 2 spaces , so it’s not as inexpensive as it originally appeared.  This is annoying – there really should be consistency in pricing!!!

The unit doesn’t show nearly as well as the previous unit – an oversized sectional couch and huge entertainment center make the unit seem much smaller than the other one. What a difference well-proportioned furniture can make in enhancing a condo’s appearance!

I was distracted, though, because I was texting and calling, trying to get us back into 450 Waterside Dr. In the end, a different agent from the company drove over to meet us and showed us the unit.

See what condos have sold for in 420 Waterside – Select this Link

450 Waterside Dr – Second attempt to see the condo there…

The buyers liked it very much – good size – good view – good finishes…  the listing sheet warns us that there is a lawsuit due to “safety issues” need to check that out!

find a million dollar condo in chicago

find a million dollar condo in chicago

We’re all starving!

I drive us over to the Union League Club and run through the lunch line – 30 minutes to inhale lunch…  the 450 Waterside debacle cost us on 30 minutes in our schedule.

Check out sales history at 450 Waterside: Select this link

2:00 pm 6 N Michigan Ave.

I’m really brave now – I park on Madison St. – ½ block West of Michigan Ave – with my hazard lights on…  There are 2 units for sale in the building, and I chose to show the higher floor unit. This is a “sleeper” building- not many people know about it.  It’s not floor to ceiling glass windows, but It has great views and lovely units. They liked it but didn’t LOVE it.

find a million dollar condo in chicago

find a million dollar condo in chiago

See the Pricing Study for 6 N Michigan – Select this link

2:30 1160 S Michigan Ave.

I think 1160 Michigan is a good value. Some think it’s too far south (on Roosevelt Rd –  1200S), but the views are great and the price per square foot is terrific. Here, the tenant, who’s renting from the condo owner, isn’t thrilled to be interrupted on the President’s Day holiday. We take our shoes off and try to be invisible.

find a million dollar condo in chicago

The owner bought the condo for $1.5MM from the developer, and is now motivated to sell. It has been on the market off and on since 2008, originally listed at $ 1,825,000. Because it’s a high floor, it clears the building to the north, and has terrific views of Grant Park, the Museum Campus, and Monroe Harbor.

The buyers were impressed – they have good vision to see the possibilities in this 2567 SF gem.

Check out the sales history and price per square foot of 1160 S Michigan here:  Select this link


3:15   2130 N Lincoln Park West

The buyers wanted to see a unit in Lincoln Park, and at the last minute, they asked to see 2130 Lincoln Park West. This is an altogether different building – a 1920’s vintage condo, with a charming view of The Lincoln Park Zoo. The plaster work in the gallery is awesome!

find a million dollar condo in chicago

My sweet clients from Ohio thought the listing agent was making a joke when she showed the “maid’s room… “ – I’m so used to this terminology that I forget that the very small bedrooms off the kitchen in vintage apartments  – designed for staff to sleep in – really WAS the MAID’S Room!!

find a million dollar condo in chicago

Lincoln Park Zoo view

3:45 pm – back at Presidential Towers

The buyers were soaked but content that we saw many great units and they’re closer to understanding the market.

In the end, they most liked 1000 Plaza, 420 and 450 Waterside, and 1160 S Michigan. They feel most comfortable in split bedroom floor plans of 2100-2500 SF. View is important, and they are willing to undertake painting and floor refinishing, but not major renovations.

Our tour gave them a good look at the current inventory, and they’re confident they’ll find something that they’re going to love living in.

So – which are YOUR favorites?!

Check out condos for sale by neighborhood here… Neighborhood Search


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Favorite Condos for Sale Today

Favorite Condos for Sale Today

Best Condos for Sale in Chicago?

Here are my top 13 choices for condos that are currently for sale  – either Loop or Near North (including Gold Coast and River North).

The list isn’t complete, however, without including my 2020 N. Lincoln Park Listing. With 3 bedrooms and a den, 2 balconies, and unobstructed park, lake, and city views, you can’t beat it!

The other properties are listed by my colleagues- let me know if you’d like to visit one! I’d love to represent you in purchasing your city condo!

Click on the address to see the full listing information…

# STR # BLT List Price ASF $/SF BR BTH Taxes ASM
2020 Lincoln Park West 28GH 1971 $765,000 1625 $470.77 3 2 $10,486 $1,436
118 Erie 26B 2012 $1,245,000 1505 $827.24 2 2 $28,077 $1,806
161 Chicago 38DE UNK $1,320,000 2783 $474.31 3 3 $21,628 $1,806
57 Delaware 2702 2000 $1,549,000 2015 $768.73 3 3 $16,206 $1,432
800 Michigan 5303 2000 $1,800,000 2000 $900.00 2 2.1 $29,344 $1,215
270 Pearson MSNT101 2004 $1,890,000 2256 $837.77 2 2.1 $15,004 $1,865
6 Michigan 803 UNK $1,100,000 2000 $550.00 3 2.1 $3,448 $1,860
1201 Prairie 3703 2008 $1,100,000 1746 $630.01 3 2 $17,929 $1,073
1530 State 12A 2001 $1,195,000 3100 $385.48 3 3 $13,017 $1,588
411 Ontario 721 1908 $749,000 0 UNK 2 2 $7,217 $672
1110 Lake Shore 7S 1970 $875,000 2300 $380.43 3 3 $9,343 $2,153
225 Columbus 6308 2009 $1,000,000 1547 $646.41 2 2 $12,501 $802
159 Walton 8D 1929 $1,950,000 3157 $617.68 3 3.1 $36,359 $2,774






Ready to find the best condo FOR YOU?

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North Center is Hot! Hot! Hot!

North Center is Hot! Hot! Hot!

Chicago’s North Center neighborhood

has been a terrific investment over the last 5 years!


During the last 5 years, families have moved into North Center to take advantage of great CPS neighborhood schools:

alexander bell elementary schoolAlexander Bell  (website)

coonley elementaryAvery Coonley (website)

audubon elementaryAudubon (website)

Statistics about home sales

in North Center:

    • # of Home Sales (2015) are up 62% since 2010
    • Median Sales Prices (2015) are up 39% since 2010
    • In June, July and August, 2016 alone, 246 homes closed vs 227 in 2015!!!
    • Their average price was $1,201,975 in J/J/A 2016
    • The average % sold to list price was 98.8% in J/J/A 2016

Click on the Graph Below to see prices throughout the last 5 years…

Thinking about buying in one of these school districts?

Check out homes in each of the elementary school districts…

Click on the photo or link below to find homes for sale in Bell, Audubon, and Coonley Elementary School Districts

Homes for sale in Bell District

Homes for Sale in the Bell School District

Homes for sale in Audubon District

Homes for Sale in the Audubon School District

Homes for Sale in Coonley District

Homes for sale in the Coonley District

Thinking of Selling your North Center Home?


Here are some options for learning about your North Center home’s value…
Resources for CPS Families – PIN by 11/28, application by 12/9/16:
If you would like to be put in contact with a parent from a particular school,
I would be happy to make an introduction- 
email me today!

Contact Anne today to learn more about North Center Homes for Sale!

Email her today!
Best Properties in Chicago Real Estate – $500,000

Best Properties in Chicago Real Estate – $500,000

1300 Fillmore

1300 W Fillmore- sold by Anne in 3 days!

Here are my choices for the

best properties for sale today around $500,000.

I selected properties from 17 neighborhoods that I sell in-

Albany Park



Forest Glen

Irving Park


Lincoln Park

Lincoln Square

Logan Square


Near North

Near West Side

North Center

North Park

South Loop


West Town

They are not necessarily the best BARGAIN — you have to pay a premium for style, condition, and view, after all. These are properties that, based on my subjective view, are worth looking at.

Type  Unit ## RmsBedsBathsASF
DELincoln Square$469,5002319Farragut8421800
ATLincoln Square$519,0004949Lincoln3732.22116
ATNorth Center$475,0002107Belmont4A6320
ATNorth Center$479,0003843SOUTHPORT3S5221470
ATLincoln Park$479,9002159LincolnA-2522.11200
ATLincoln Park$499,5002650Seminary25221300
ATNear North$469,900401Wabash37F201713
ATNear North$519,900400Ontario16055221435
DENorth Park$449,9005662Kilbourn731.10
DENorth Park$539,0006751IONIA832.21868
DEForest Glen$525,0003560Hollywood9432265
DEAlbany Park$450,0004900Kenneth12432639
DEIrving Park$474,8993623Harding831.12020
DEIrving Park$599,0004101GRACE7330
ATLogan Square$489,9002304BELDEN732.12300
DELogan Square$499,0002420Saint Louis6321452
ATWest Town$474,9001740MARSHFIELD19522.10
DEWest Town$589,000910Richmond843.10
ATNear West Side$499,000321SANGAMON9035221150
ATNear West Side$515,0001300Fillmore3733.12400
ATNear West Side$590,000910Madison1001E5221378
ATSouth Loop$499,9002614th13W732.12053
ATSouth Loop$549,9001530State17I4221613

To see a tour of these, with photos of the interiors, select this link:

Best Homes for Sale in Chicago around $500,000


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4112 Lowell – Great Chicago Real Estate Bargain

4112 N Lowell

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Lakewood Balmoral Homes For Sale

An important home in historic Lakewood Balmoral just came on the market!

5438 N Lakewood


5438 N Lakewood

Click on the Photo Above for the 5438 N Lakewood website!

This gorgeous renovation was done first in 1986, and then again recently. The new kitchens and baths are luxurious, and the nearly 6000 SF home offers the finest blend of vintage and contemporary finishes! There are 6 bedrooms , 4.5 baths PLUS a finished basement. The third floor could be used as a guest suite or family hangout, there’s a nanny suite in the basement, PLUS a separate office/artist’s den with separate guest access allows for privacy, creativity, yet proximity to the home’s activity centers!

Homes on this popular Lakewood Balmoral block don’t come on the market very often – and if they do, they aren’t usually already renovated to the discriminating taste of today’s home buyer. This is rare opportunity!

To see this magnificent property, contact

Anne Rossley


Email Anne Rossley

For more information, read the brochure found below.

5438 N Lakewood Brochure

Or download the 5438 N Lakewood Brochure Here (on dropbox)

Select this link to see all homes for sale in Lakewood Balmoral



Chicago Real Estate 60618 – Single Family Homes

Update on Chicago Home Sales

60618 Zip Code

chicago 60618 Zip code map

As of today’s post, 160 single family homes are for sale in Chicago’s 60618 zip code. They range in price from $159,000 to $ 2,599,000.

The following chart shows median sales prices for the 60618 zip code area – it’s interactive- feel free to explore!

Prices – 87.8% of Jan 2009 Levels 

As of this month, median sales prices of homes ($495,000) are 87.8% of the January, 2009 median price level of $ 565,000.


Market Times – Lowest in Over 5 Years

The average market time hit its peak in October, 2009, when it took 175 days to sell a house in 60618. Last month, the average market time of 54 days was the shortest in over 5 years!


Inventory – Extremely Low!

It’s a Sellers’ Market!

At the worst of the market (January, 2009), there was over a year’s worth of homes for sale. This has steadily declined, and since February, we’ve been hovering between 2.7 and 2.8 months of homes for sale.

Lenders consider 6 months a stable market, so you can see, we’re WELL BELOW that 6 months threshold!

Find homes for sale TODAY by selecting this link:

Homes for sale – Chicago’s 60618 zip code

To find out what your home’s worth,


Anne Rossley

Baird & Warner


Anne Rossley

Lakewood Balmoral Real Estate Update – August, 2014

Here’s the August Lakewood Balmoral Real Estate Update- to see homes for sale TODAY in this Andersonville historic district, select this link: Homes for Sale Today

Lakewood Balmoral District

Homes for Sale and Homes Sold

Lakewood Avenue in Andersonville

Lakewood Avenue in Andersonville

 See photos of homes in a CMA Tour by Selecting this link:

Lakewood Balmoral Historic District Tour

Homes for Sale

1339 N Catalpa

1339 N Catalpa



Homes Closed

5221 N Wayne- Lakewood Balmoral5221 N Wayne


5427 Magnolia

5427 N Magnolia


5333 Lakewood

5333 N Lakewood


Under Contract

5320 N Wayne

5320 N Wayne


5507 Wayne- Lakewood Balmoral

5507 N Wayne

List Price- $ 1,399,000

5426 Lakewood

5426 N Lakewood


 Get more information by viewing the table below,


Select this link for more details: LAKEWOOD BALMORAL August 2014

StatStreet #Str NameList PriceSold PrBRBALot Dim
A/I5507Wayne$1,399,00043.137.5 X 123
PEND5320Wayne$1,100,00042.137.5 X 125

Single Family Home Sales Lakeview – 60657



Single Family Home Sales


What’s happening with Single Family Homes in the Lakeview 60657 zip code zone?


Before I go further — remember to call me when you need up to date market info — any time you need a market analysis for your home, I’m your gal!

Anne Rossley


– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

 Median Sales Prices

Median Sales Prices are STRONG! They’ve ranged from $363,000 to $390,000 over the last 5 years, and in June, they hit the high water mark of $390K mark again.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

 Market Time

Market times have dropped considerably – the high was 157 days on market (June, 2012) but today are down to 57 days — less than 2 months.


– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

 Inventory – Months Supply

This quick market time is due to the low inventory levels –

In May, 2010, there was a 10.9 month supply of homes available for sale.  Between January and Mary of 2014, there was only a  2.7 month supply.  With an increase in buyers looking to purchase, the great demand caused prices to increase.

Today, there is a 3 month supply of homes on the market.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

 Find Homes for Sale in Lakeview’s 60657 zip code

homes for sale  Anne Rossley Real Estate

Select this link

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


For Sale — 60657 in Lakeview

Below I’ve included a table of the 35 homes for sale as of August 10, 2014 (or if you’d like a pdf version of the table, you can select it here:  Lakeview homes for sale 8006 8057 aug 2014 )

#StreetList PriceSquare FeetPrice/SFBR

The following table includes single family home sales for the last 6 months. Note the price per square foot feature – if the listing agent included it, you can see the price per square foot — a great tool for evaluating home prices.


Sold – 60657 in Lakeview

Or, if you’d rather see a pdf version of the table, you can see it here: SF Home Sales -Lakeview 60657-6 months 

Status Closed DateList PriceSold Square
PEND2825Pine Grove$1,785,0004958$360.02




Single Family Home- Andersonville? Uptown? Ravenswood?

Just Listed

This great single family home at 4829 N Paulina  is NOT my listing – I just think it’d a great home in a small pocket location that is often overlooked.

4832 Paulina Chicago, IL Single Family Home for sale

4829 N Paulina

$ 849,000


  • Wide and deep lot – 33 x 163
  • 1898 home – renovated
  • Updated kitchen with newer cabinets and stainless steel appliances
  • hardwood floors on first floor
  • 3rd floor master bedroom
  • 3 bedrooms on second level
  • back deck and landscaped yard
  • Finished basement – large rec room!
  • Great location- steps from Metra, new Mariano’s on Lawrence Ave.

This pocket often gets overlooked — It’s north of Lawrence Ave, and the East Ravenswood historic district is SOUTH of Lawrence…  it feels more RAVENSWOOD than Uptown, yet it’s in the 8003 census tract – Uptown. It feels more Andersonville than Uptown, too, but that is generally known to start at 5200 North(Foster) – 8077 census tract.



This lovely section is quiet, charming, close to lots of great amenities, but because it’s not easily described, agents and buyers often don’t include it when looking in a specific neighborhood search.

Chicago Geography Lesson:

We have 77 communities, 50 wards, 85 zip codes, and (not surprisingly), these are NOT geographically the same!

Generally speaking, real estate agents search by zip codes, census tract areas, or by coordinates (# N/S and # E/W).

Chicago Census Tract Map

chicago zip codes (from

Chicago Ward Map
Chicago Map of 50 Wards - Effective 2015

We agents can draw maps around areas, such as school boundary areas and historic districts, but when you hear “Uptown” and “Edgewater”, these specifically refer to census areas, not just neighborhoods.


Edgewater Census Tract Map 8077

Edgewater Chicago Census Tract 8077

Uptown Census Tract 8003

Uptown Census Tract 8003

Lincoln Square Census Tract Map 8004

Interested in learning more about Chicago’s neighborhoods?

Contact Anne Rossley

Baird & Warner

Lincoln Square Census Tract Map 8004 - Chicago

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