Chicago Seniors – When it’s time to give up driving

seniors chicago helping parents stop drivingAs the daughter of a currently-driving 81 year old, helping mom decide when it’s time to give up driving is on my mind these days.

I was delighted to find this article from Senior News – 50 and Better –

Help your elderly parents retire

from driving when it’s time

The article gives great advice – basically, it provides a list of suggestions for how to evaluate your parent’s skills, how to gently suggesting limitations and alternatives, and how to begin the difficult conversation of easing out of driving.

Most importantly, the article reminds us that we, as the adult children, may have to make the difficult choice to take charge by intervening to prevent our parents from driving when they could endanger themselves and others.

More than anything, starting the conversation WELL BEFORE it’s necessary is the best way to parent your parent!

Of course, making sure your parents live where they don’t need to drive is the best way to keep them safe.

Chicago Seniors – Live in a home

with a Great Walk Score

Senior Living Centers offer meal plans and bus trips for shopping/shows/doctor appointments.

For those who are aging in place, living in a neighborhood/building with a high walk score – meaning necessary amenities are close by – is a must.

Chicago Senior Living Facilities

Here are some senior housing centers in Chicago and their walk scores:

The Admiral On the LakeWalk Score

Sunrise Living Center – Lincoln Park – Walk Score

The Hallmark  — Walk Score

The  ClareWalk Score

The KenwoodWalk Score

The BreakersWalk Score




Seniors – Finding a Home Care Agency

senior real estate - Anne RossleyHome care for seniors is becoming more and more popular –

1.  aging in place – some seniors wish to stay in their homes and have someone come in to help;

2. independent living – if a seniors in an independent living facility, but needs a bit of a hand, in-home care can postpone moving into the assisted-living residential facility.

If in-home care is sought, it’s critical to find the best possible agency/person to care for our loved ones.

How do we do that?

Retirement Homes offers this article on how to choose a Home Care Agency:

Article – How to Choose a Home Care Agency 

  • Do you have a parent who needs help in downsizing?

  • Are you considering a move to smaller space?

  • Ready to take advantage of the home equity in your home?

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Retirement Relocation Checklist


What’s important to you in moving to your retirement home?

Are you thinking about buying your “empty-nester” home but you don’t know how to decide where to go?

Retirement Relocation Checklist

Prioritize and decide where to go!

The recent article by Dave Bernard in US News and World Report‘s Retirement section lists the following categories that seniors should consider:

  • Hospitals and Doctors

Should you live near an expert in a particular health field? Or simply, where can you rely on a quick response time from the EMT, taking you to a nearby trauma facility?

  • Local Amenities

Big cities offer symphony, museums, restaurants. and theater, however college towns are booming – many seniors are finding them to have the perfect mix of smaller town while offering terrific cultural options.

  • Good Neighbors

Fellow Drake trustee and Newton, Iowa native, Don Byers, answered my husband’s question about retirement this way:  “Why would I leave the friends and neighbors I’ve enjoyed my whole life?” To Don, good neighbors were his primary criteria for staying local in retirement.

  • Climate

Milder climates have been the goal for many seniors – if you relax in warmer weather, then your move south won’t be unique!

  • Public Transportation

How are you going to get to the doctor, the store, or your friends when you no longer want to drive?

  • Cost of Living

Obviously, it makes sense to live where it’s cheaper – when seniors retire and they don’t have to live where their job is (they’re retired!), it makes sense to go where homes, food, and taxes are cheaper.

  • Proximity to What you Like Best

If you revel in sunrise at the beach, you wake up invigorated to hike mountain trails, or scenic mountain views inspire the artist in you — then go there!

  • Your new “digs”

Do you want maintenance-free condo life or is tinkering in the garden your heart’s desire? Would you prefer to live in a sprawling ranch or a cozy bungalow?

Obviously, the answers to these questions vary for all seniors. As you consider where you’re going, answer these maytag cheesequestions, then weight each one as to how important that question is to the overall picture.

Don Byers obviously preferred neighbors to warm climates and public transportation. Others might place greater emphasis on beaches and warm weather.

Whatever you choose – if you are true to yourself, you’ll make the right decision!

What Retirement Area are you Interested in?

Let Anne Rossley put you in touch with the best real estate agent – wherever that is!

Find professionals to answer your questions about local amenities, housing options, and lifestyle…

Anne Rossley, CRB, CRS, SRES
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Dave Bernard’s article

Seniors – April 16 National Healthcare Decision Day

Anne Rossley, SRES

Seniors  (those of you over 50) —

Please take a moment to consider National Healthcare Decisions Day on April 16. As your Senior Real Estate Specialist (SRES), I try to offer information and programs that are of interest to those of us who are in our 50’s, and those who are advising their elderly parents. This Health Directive Initiative is one of those programs worth considering.

What we Say is NOT What we DO

I was very surprised about the disconnect that exists between what people want and what they do about managing their own health care.

US News Money reports the following polling data about aging and health:

1. Although 60 % of people say making sure their family is not burdened by tough decisions is “extremely important,” 56 % have not communicated their end-of-life wishes

2. About 70 % of people say they prefer to die at home, but 70 % actually die in a hospital, nursing home, or long-term-care facility.

3. Roughly 80 % of people say that if seriously ill, they would want to talk to their doctor about end-of-life care, yet only 7 %  report having had an end-of-life conversation with their doctor.

4. Finally, 82 % of people say it’s important to put their wishes in writing, but only 23 % have actually done it.

Here are some forms and articles that seniors might like to review to make sure their loved ones know their wishes:

Conversation Starter Kit

Download a copy of the Conversation Starter Kit Here

It’s not easy to talk about the end of your life.  However, it’s one of the most important conversations you can have with your loved ones. Whether you’re a senior or young adult – it’s never to young to begin talking about this.

This Starter Kit will help you get your thoughts together and then have the conversation.

This isn’t about filling out Advance Directives or other medical forms. It’s about talking to your loved ones about what you or they want for end-of-life care.

Whether you’re getting ready to tell someone what you want, or you want to help someone else get ready to talk, we hope the Starter Kit will be a useful guide.

We want you to be the expert on your wishes and those of your loved ones. Not the doctors or nurses. Not the end-of-life experts. You.

Aging with Dignity’s Five Wishes

The Five Wishes Program makes putting your directives in writing a very simple matter. The following video explains how Five Wishes allows your loved ones to know how to make decisions on your behalf, should you become unable to speak for yourself.

As a Senior Real Estate Specialist, it’s my pleasure to make sure my clients are aware of this program.

Wishing you a Healthy and Happy 2013 and Beyond!

Chicago Seniors – Emergency Planning for Winter and Flu

This month’s Chicago Seniors Newsletter addresses 2 issues:

  1. Emergency Planning, and
  2. Walk Scores

Emergency Planning

Seniors, like all of us, need to be prepared for disasters. In Chicago, we’re not as concerned with hurricanes, tornadoes (to a lesser extent!), but storms with their accompanying flash floods and power outages are of great concern. In addition, today is COLD (!) and we should all be ready for the problems that extremely cold weather creates.

Power Outage Checklist

Winter Storm Safety Checklist


In addition, the flu can be a disaster for seniors, children, asthmatics and immuno-challenged. The Red Cross has prepared checklists for the afflicted and those who care for them:

Preparing for the Flu

Caring for Those with the Flu – Checklist

Mobile Apps

The Red Cross has mobile apps (some for Android and Iphones, some only in Itunes format) for first aid, shelter, fire, earthquake, and hurricane…

Click on the photo below, or go to Itunes or GooglePlay stores to download….

Chicago Seniors - Anne Rossley Real Estate

Chicago Seniors

Chicago is on the cutting edge of technology, and this winter, I expect that the website will help neighbors – not only Chicago Seniors – but all Chicagoans have a safe and secure winter season.

Please view the video below to find out

  • How to track the Chicago snow plows,
  • Claim a sidewalk to shovel,
  • Find your car if it was towed for snow plows, and
  • Volunteer to shovel a sidewalk for a Chicagoan in need

There are several opportunities in Chicago for Seniors to get benefits and be prepared. Below is a map of Chicago Senior Centers.

Click on the map and then the location for more information:

Chicago Senior Service Centers


Mobile Apps:

anne rossley chicago 2Inches chicago snow app

Find what streets have overnight parking restrictions and are on the 2″ snow route



anne rossley real estate - Find your car if towed for snow

Was your car towed because of snow? Find it by using this app!



Next week:  We’ll discuss Walk Scores in Chicago and how these can be used to choose your next home!


Living Wills

I need to execute a Living Will –

Tom sent me this Wall Street Journal article which is a great reminder to put this item on the “to do” list.

It’s a great article, but unfortunately it points out the truth that, as succinct and as precise as we’d like to be, it’s impossible to predict what the future holds. It’s impossible for doctors to always predict our medical outcome from a stroke or accident, and with medical technology changing all the time, it’s just not likely that the Living Will will cover every potential scenario.

Living Wills can be created with an attorney or downloaded online, such as the popular Five Wishes living will.

Therefore, it’s critical that we have in-depth conversations with those we love, and while we create a Living Will that gives them guidelines, they must, in the end, act as they think best.

Let’s pray that neither we nor our loved ones must make such decisions, but if we do — far better to have a Living Will and a “What if…” conversation than not.

Market Shifts call for Boomers to Assess and Take Action Where Possible

In a great article published yesterday by RISMedia, the confluence of demographics, recession, and changes in personal priorities were analyzed to predict where the real estate market will be going in the near future….

It’s a macro view, and while the conclusions aren’t earth-shattering, it drills down to some very key “take-aways” and opportunities for readers to take advantage……

1.  Baby boomers are continuing to work – not retiring – as their retirement plans (and portfolios) were slammed by the recession.

2.  These aging baby boomers aren’t selling their homes and downsizing quite yet — not only are they still working –  they’re healthier today than ever, and they may be underwater or waiting for the real estate market to rebound.

3.  When they move, they want to move away from the suburbs to an urban, mixed use, mixed age environment, but may be faced with difficulty finding reasonably priced housing in these urban areas.

With all this in mind, it makes sense that you should …


Do a full analysis of your real estate situation now.  You may NOT be underwater, and maybe it’s better to act instead of waiting for some far off real estate rebound. What’s your current home value?  What do anticipate it will be in 5-10 years (or when you’re ready to sell)?  With the equity in your home now, is it better to sell today, knowing your value and the current situation or is it better to hold on for 5-10 years?


Boomers should take advantage of today’s soft prices and great interest rates – find your retirement/second home property –preferably a distressed bargain — NOW (whether in the city or in a warmer climate).  Ten years from now, you will look back and see that this was the best time in your life to snap up real estate.

Take Advantage

Consider buying a small condo for your young adult child now, taking advantage of rates and soft prices. Or, if the job is stable and the future is bright – maybe you can help him/her get started on the road to home ownership.  FHA loans are considered to be one of the best loan options now, and down payment “gifts” make home ownership possible and potentially a better choice than renting.

When you’re ready to assess your situation, let me know.  I can provide:

Market Analysis of your home – it’s current value — either a quick emailed version (select this link for an example) or a thorough sit down discussion, depending on your needs

Market Trends for your City/Neighborhood – for Chicago and Suburbs, I have market trends (select this link for one example) which will help you look at where the market is and where it is likely to go

Relationships outside Chicagoland – for market analysis/trends outside our area, let me put you in touch with someone who is equally capable of giving wise counsel.  As a member of the Senior Real Estate Specialists (SRES) and Certified Residential Specialists (CRS) the quality of my network is unparalleled.

Information on second home opportunities – looking for a great buy?  I love to hunt for real estate bargains for my clients!  Let’s discuss what kind of situation would make you interested in buying, and I’ll get to work on your behalf.  It may not be available today, but we can set up alerts and searches so we’re ready to take advantage when the opportunity presents itself.

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