Recycle your Chicago Christmas Tree and enjoy your free mulch!

This year,the  Chicago Park District again offers to recycle your tree and give free mulch!  See the Chicago Tree Recycling Brochure to find the nearest location to your home.  Just bring your tree in before January 17, and you can pick up your bag of mulch as early as January 7.  There are 22 Chicago park locations including:

Margate Park (4921 N Marine Dr)

Lincoln Park (Cannon at Fullerton)

Warren Park (6601 N Western Ave)

Cedar Roping Donations

Have cedar roping you’d like to donate?  I have an acquaintance who is interested in taking your cedar roping to be used in Native American ceremonies.  Stan will come to your home and take the roping down (minus any lights, of course!).  He will then take the greenery away.  You can save the labor and know that you’re supporting local Native Americans.  Contact Anne Rossley at Prudential Rubloff  if you have cedar you’d like Stan to collect.

For more information about tree recycling, call 311 or visit Chicago Recycles.

Chicago recycles household chemicals and waste at a drop off site – 1150 N Branch(see map) – on the first Saturday of each month.  You can also stop by on Tuesdays and Thursdays during special hours.  Need to get rid of lead, mercury, and PCBs?  This is the spot!  More information is found on the Chicago Recycles Website.

Ready to think about next year’s holiday decorations?  click on the photo below…

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