CPS Selective Enrollment School Application Deadline-Dec 14 for Elementary and High School Choices

Dec 7 — Deadline for getting your pin number (if applying online)

Standard Elementary School Application     School Codes
Selective Enrollment Elementary School Application
Standard High Schools Application
Magnet High Schools Application
IB Programs Application
Selective Enrollment Schools Application

Dec 14 – Deadline for both paper and online applications

When I first navigated public school choices 13 years ago, I toured several magnet schools, completing a separate application or each one. I dutifully checked the box for ethnicity, sex, and added a quick prayer before handing over the simple form to the school’s secretary, hoping it would find its way to the lottery box without getting lost, and that (should I be lucky enough to win), the mailman wouldn’t lose my letter of acceptance. I was unnerved!

Times have changed — now parents can apply online, prioritizing their choices, feeling confident that the system won’t lose their application and their opportunity for winning the lottery.

When I searched for schools, there weren’t the fantastic options for neighborhood schools that there are today. As a result, I’ve put together some searches for parents who are considering living in a Chicago Public Elementary District. This list is growing, so if you don’t see what you need, please call me.

Some of the Chicago Neighborhood Elementary School Districts in which I’ve been asked to search for homes:

Navigating school choices can be daunting – please let me know if you have friends who would like information on Chicago schools.

If they’d like to speak with a parent in an elementary or high school, I would be happy to put them in touch with those who can help provide more information.


Helpful Links for Applying to Selective Enrollment Schools:

Blogroll and Other Links about Searching for Schools in Chicago:


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