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Kitchen Renovation – Chicago Historic Homes

Kitchen renovation - it's time for me to begin thinking of how I'm going to redo my kitchen. Granted, it's more of "making" a kitchen, since we currently live with one lower cabinet and assorted Metro shelving. There won't be much to demolish! I ran across this great...

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Best Places to Retire

Where are the best states for retirement? As a Senior Real Estate Specialist (and over age 50), I'm always looking for recommendations on the best places to retire. Find the best real estate agent in your future retirement locale has published...

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Walk Score – choosing a home that’s close to what you love

Walk Score is the new scale by which home buyers calculate the closeness of amenities to their potential new property. The scale, ranging from 0 - 100, ranks how easily you can conduct your life on foot: 90 - 100  Walker's Paradise - daily errands do not require a car...

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Chicago Investment Property

Chicago multi-units - 2-4 flats ... 6-flats ... so many options for investing in real estate these days! I helped out a colleague yesterday - while she's recovering from back surgery, I showed 2 listings to her client. I was tickled by the first one - I had actually...

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It’s School Fundraiser Season!

Chicago Parents are now busy with "spring fundraiser fever" - that time of year where we're racing around the city begging businesses to donate goods and services that we can place in our auctions. Whether online or at a live event, we'll all elbow our way around,...

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Reasons to Stay in Chicago and NOT move to the Suburbs

Chicago Schools - Can we live in the city or must we leave for the suburbs? This is  the time of year when young Chicago parents are worried about whether junior will get in to a gifted program, a magnet school, a selective enrollment high school.... Chicago Schools...

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