How’s the Chicago Real Estate Market?

This info is generated using the MRED Multiple Listing Service data for
Anne’s Primary Market Area*

Anne Rossley Primary Market Area

Here’s all you need to know in 3 FACTS:

Median Sales Price

The median sales price for all property types (SF, condo, 2-4flats)

is just over 9/2008 levels!

chicago real estate median sales price

Market Time

It’s taking 74 days to sell homes today – down from the 6/11 high of 177.

Chicago Real Estate - Market Time


Inventory (Months Supply)

There are 3.7 months worth of housing on the market today-

6 months is a “stable” market, and the highest level was

15.1 months worth in January, 2010

Chicago Real Estate - Months Supply/Inventory

Of course,

these numbers vary by neighborhood.

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