Chicago Parents are now busy with “spring fundraiser fever” – that time of year where we’re racing around the city begging businesses to donate goods and services that we can place in our auctions. Whether online or at a live event, we’ll all elbow our way around, looking to bid “just enough” to win certificates, services, tickets. and baskets to enjoy, while the proceeds benefit our kids’ schools.

Chicago Elementary and High Schools – Public and Private alike…

This year, I’m working on the Jones College Prep fundraiser- Friends of Jones is what we call our Parent Organization – and we’re raising money our CPS selective enrollment high school. I have commiserated with friends who are working forsilent auction

I don’t know you, but will you donate?!

In my enthusiasm, I’ve embarrassed myself by calling in favors from people I have no right to approach. God Bless Charlie Wheelan (Naked Economics, Naked Statistics…), who’s a first class gentleman and responded with positive enthusiasm, though he’s never met me!

He’s one of several friends, acquaintances, businesses and strangers who have generously supported Jones by contributing items to our auction. Others throughout the city are doing the same for their schools, and harried mothers and fathers are working overtime to organize these gala events.

I’ve been involved in these activities since my kids were at Hawthorne, where we first raised $ 250,000 10 or so years ago. Back then, class projects pitted parent against parent – I’ll never forget Uncle Fun coming into the basement to outbid us for a kindergarten project (he spent $1500!)

I’m proud to tell you that I still have my winning:

chess table

  • Hawthorne Third Grade Mosaic Chess Table and Clay chess pieces (Thomas, now 18) – Thanks, Haleh!
  • Third grade reading class quilt (Lizzie, now 15) –  Alisa, your talent astounds me!
  • Gary Gantert – produced class poster – gorgeous!  (Michael, now 16)
  • various class books, videos, and posters that are either displayed or safely stored for the kids

I’ve purchased and enjoyed:

  • Wine Tastings
  • Bastille Day Party
  • Sox tickets (SOX???? Yes, this Cub fan sacrifices for her Sox-fanatic son!)
  • Personal Training Sessions
  • Parking in the loop for a year – yes – that was my best bargain purchase!
  • Dinners at restaurants I wouldn’t have visited otherwise
  • Silver earrings
  • Signed baseballs (yes — Sox, too!)

hawthorne quilt

These school fundraisers are a great way to support the education of our most precious resource/our children ( yes, Charlie Wheelan – we MUST invest in HUMAN CAPITAL!–I’m with you!). This is probably the best way that we parents get to know one another.

If you’re interested in bidding online for some of Jones’ great items,

bookmark our site – it goes “LIVE” 2/22 –

Bidding for Good – Friends of Jones online auction

Thanks to the wonderful people who’ve responded to my call and donated items. You have no idea I grateful I am!!!

Wheelan Book


These are just a few of the amazing items you can buy online.

And yes,

you’ll have to fight to outbid me for the loop parking space this year!



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