Chicago Seniors –¬†

February 3 is the deadline

for saving on your 2015 Property Tax Bills!


chicago seniors property taxes


Two Options for Seniors to Save Money

on Chicago Property Taxes


1. Senior Citizen Exemption

You must apply every year for this tax savings! To qualify, you need to be born in 1950 or sooner, and live in your primary residence as of 1/1/2015. anne rossley real estate

Click this link to download the form:

Cook County Senior Citizen Exemption Form – Due February 3

More information – FAQ – select this link


2. Senior Freeze Exemption

The Senior Freeze Exemption is a property tax savings opportunity for Seniors who earn less than $55,000 per year and want to keep property tax bills lower. The freeze doesn’t freeze the property taxes- rather it freezes the equalized value. If the budget goes up and a higher rate of taxes is levied, your bill will go up.

The VALUE of your home will stay the same, however. Like the Senior Citizen Exemption, you MUST APPLY EVERY YEAR. cook county property taxes

Click this link to download the form:

Senior Freeze Exemption Form

Click this link to learn more about the Cook County Property Tax Savings for Seniors



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