Street Cleaning and Sweeping is about to begin!

The signs will be posted next week, as April 1 will be the first day for street cleaning in Chicago.

I just downloaded my ward’s map – each ward has a posted schedule and map to show boundaries – the 48th ward looks like this:

The boundaries and dates (below)                                        And the section map for the ward (below)

48th ward street sweeping schedule48th Ward Street Sweeping Map










All Chicago ward maps and schedules can be found on the Chicago webpage by selecting this link.

Chicago Street Sweeping Mobile App


Chicago street sweeping mobile appThere is also a mobile app for both iphones and android phones – I have downloaded it and I’ll be testing it out, but I have to say that on my first visit, I was given incorrect information.

I picked out an address in my neighborhood, and compared it to the schedules above. The mobile app tells me street cleaning will be on April 10/11 while the city has April 9/10 scheduled for the same location. Perhaps it’s just not up to date, since this ward map was just posted this week.

chicago street cleaning mobile app


Alas, I tried a location in the 42nd ward – the city has April 2/3 scheduled for Section 1 while the mobile app has April 3/4 planned. Again — mismatched dates!

It’s a great idea, and I had high hopes for using it…  For now, I recommend you download the maps from the city!

If in doubt, check with your alderman’s office for the latest information, or call 311.

Wishing you clean streets and a ticket – free 2013 in Chicago this year!

Anne Rossley, CRB, CRS, SRES
Baird & Warner

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