I include a Digg widget in my blog (see block in the 2nd column) because I know my readers don’t have a lot of time to thumb through online articles.


I add articles from time to time from my Google Reader that I think you’d be interested in seeing. Digg does not mean “I agree” — rather “Digg” means it’s worth reading and considering. If I add a controversial article, don’t assume I agree with the author!!!

Please take advantage of this in one of the following ways…

  • Bookmark my blog and add it to your toolbar
  • Visit my blog regularly by adding my blog to your RSS reader — Google Reader or whatever service you use-select the RSS link in the first column of my blog
  • Subscribe to Digg and add me to your “friends” list-you can select my link and see all the articles I’ve dugg.
  • To bookmark my Digg articles, go to my Digg history page and bookmark it in Favorites

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