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November, 2012

East Ravenswood is a unique Chicago Historic District located on Paulina and Hermitage streets between Irving Park and Lawrence Avenues (4000-4800N/1600-1800W), and is known for turn-of-the-century vintage homes with very deep lots – 165-183′ deep.

Buyers who search here are often also interested in the Graceland West, Lakewood Balmoral, and Lincoln Square neighborhoods. If living near the Ravenswood Metra stop is a priority, then East Ravenswood is certainly a Chicago neighborhood to consider when house-hunting.

To find out more details about the homes that are for sale (active), select the underlined house number, and you will be taken to a page with pictures and details.

To view a market analysis with pictures of all the homes – active and sold, select this link for an East Ravenswood Home Tour.

ACTV$1,100,000271700Wilson$8,813.261151.245 X 108
ACTV$1,265,0001274156Paulina$18,495.00116543.7 X 165
ACTV$1,282,5007981725Belle Plaine$26,235.001265.146X125
CLSD$645,0008/24/12824703Paulina$10,154.65933.141 X 117
CLSD$710,0006/29/12844704Hermitage$8,263.00843.131 X 115
CLSD$730,0007/16/1264543Hermitage$12,238.991153.125 X 165
CLSD$737,5006/5/12224331Hermitage$7,811.951043.125 X 165
CLSD$950,00010/30/121234241Paulina$15,026.481153.150 X 165
CLSD$1,200,0007/26/12254226Greenview$21,923.42953.123 X 164


News and Updates for East Ravenswood:

  • Chicago City Council passed the zoning application unanimously, and the 47th ward hopes to get TIFF money from the city for the construction that will ultimately include a Mariano’s Grocery, Sears Auto Care, and Ultimate Fitness Center. (Download the article here)

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