This week, action heats up with the next Bricolage planned for the Edgewater neighborhood.  On Saturday evening, Tracey Van Duinen  and Todd Osborne will be projecting the image onto the Foster Ave underpass, and neighbors will have the chance to help trace the design on the wall.

Then, during the summer, the mosaic pieces will be applied and we will be able to see the project come alive!


For the first time, residents are invited to join in, tracing part of the design and participating in the initial steps of the art project.  The action begins at 7:30 for those who are interested in participating.

The theme this year is a tribute to Native Americans from the Edgewater and Uptown neighborhoods

I am so excited about this project — I love the art, I love the community involvement, I think Tracey and Todd are doing top notch work (and they’re great guys!), and I smile every time I walk or drive through the beautiful mosaic walls.  I think this project is one of the most under-appreciated in Edgewater and Chicago, but I’m grateful Ernie Constantino and Mary Ann Smith are fans of public art–we will appreciate their efforts for years to come as we enjoy this commemorative Chicago Public Art!


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For more information on the Edgewater neighborhood, select this link.

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