Edgewater Home Sales

 Condo Sales in Edgewater

The biggest news in Edgewater’s real estate market is in the condo segment. Year to date, condo sales are up 45% vs Jan-Sept 2011. Prices are down – 12.6%, and market times are lower, too – 7.7%. Looking at inventories, there were 304 condos for sale in September of this year vs 478 during Sept2011 — again, a very positive sign.

As of today, November 8, 2012, there are only 272 condos for sale in Edgewater. Over the last 3 months 187 condos closed, thus we are averaging 62 sales/month.

The result — only 4.4 months of inventory.  This is a tremendous improvement – a sign that the market continues to improve!

Single Family Homes in Edgewater

As for Single Family Homes — it’s more difficult to see a trend, as the unit numbers are smaller. As of today, 20 homes have closed in the last 3 months, and 19 are currently on the market. This compares to 41 closed 2012 YTD.

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