With summer half over, make sure you mark your calendar with the date and location for the next free movie you’re going to go see.  Here are the movies on Chicago’s north side for you to consider…

7/21 8:30 PM Bauler Playlot Park (c/o Oz Park) The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep (PG)
7/27 8:30 PM Gompers Park Kung Fu Panda (PG)
8/6 8:30 PM Gill Park Madagascar 2:Escape to Africa (PG)
8/7 8:30 PM Revere Park Igor (PG)
8/8 8:30 PM Winnemac Park Kung Fu Panda (PG)
8/11 8:30 PM Lake Shore Park The Sting (PG)
8/15 8:30 PM Oz Park Breakfast at Tiffany’s (NR)
8/15 8:30 PM Jonquil Playlot Park (c/o Wrightwood Park) Pokemon: The First Movie (G)
8/22 8:30 PM Revere Park Coraline (PG)
8/23 8:30 PM Chase Park The Goonies (PG)
8/24 8:30 PM River Park Ghostbusters (PG)
8/25 8:30 PM Park No. 511 (Erie Park) American Grafitti (PG)
8/25 8:30 PM Osterman Beach Sunset Boulevard (PG)
8/25 8:30 PM Lincoln Park Cultural Center The Philadelphia Story (NR)
8/28 8:30 PM Clarendon Park Community Center
8/29 8:30 PM Jonquil Playlot Park (c/o Wrightwood Park) Casablanca (NR)
9/1 8:30 PM Sauganash Park Coraline (PG)
9/2 8:30 PM Kinzie Station / Park #551 Madagascar 2:Escape to Africa (PG)

If you’re unsure if the park is near Edgewater, Lakeview, Lincoln Park, or Lincoln Square, select the park’s name and see the address.

Free Movies in Chicago Parks

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