Whether you prefer the glass curtain walls of Mies van der Rohe condos, or the solid warmth of a Holabird and Roche single family, Chicago offers an abundance of historic property options.


You don’t have to be an expert in architectural styles, rehab, or old house repair to buy a vintage home – just know where to find resources to guide you.  Architectural firms that specialize in old house renovation, craftsmen of stained glass, and masonry, historic landmark tax savings, and news you need to know for preserving your old house can all be found here.

Lakewood Balmoral Holabird & Roche Home

Lakewood Balmoral Holabird & Roche Home

The articles posted on this blog celebrate living well in the outstanding old homes of Chicago.  Our Chicgo history is unique and acclaimed — it’s our responsibility to preserve and protect them for generations to come.  And, at the same time, we can enjoy living in them!

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