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The pre-listing time we share is critical – we will work together to stage your home, bring in a professional photographer. and develop the marketing materials that will make your home appealing.

3709 N Ashland 1S

3709 N Ashland – 3 Bedroom Duplex in Blaine School District

This is an example of one property I successfully sold in 2012.

You’ll see the property as it looked when I first met the sellers. They purposely didn’t clean or prepare for our meeting.

After listing the property, we worked together to stage the home.This involves de-cluttering, moving furniture, and cleaning. The seller did a great job preparing for this meeting, so we only needed to tweak a few things – we moved the crib in the 2nd bedroom, removed a few more items, and added items to the kitchen counters so they wouldn’t look like landing pads.


As is my common practice with real estate listings, I brought in one of my favorite real estate photographers. She uses the proper lighting and lens to get terrific photographs that show the properties to their best advantage.


Once the sellers moved out, I took another set of photographs.

You’ll see how important it is to keep furniture in your home during the selling period – vacant homes don’t show the space to its advantage. Rooms look smaller, and it doesn’t seem like all the furniture will fit in the space.

If properties HAVE to be vacant, we can rent/borrow furniture, or I have another trick I use that helps buyer visualize the space (one of my trade secrets!)

You’ll see, too, that my photographs are poorly lit, and they aren’t taken using a wide enough lens — the rooms look smaller.

If your home looks more like the BEFORE than the AFTER – don’t panic!

These changes were made without buying any new furniture!

We de-cluttered, moved furniture, hired a cleaning company, and a professional photographer.

My 5th grade band director told me to use elbow grease to better clean my trumpet, and I remember asking my mom what elbow grease was-  I thought it was a magic potion. Alas, I learned that he meant I had to put some effort in – that’s just what staging your home for sale is about — ELBOW GREASE!

Select this link to see a slide show of all the before and after shots of 3709 Ashland

Kitchen Photos

Before – After – Vacant

Before Staging the KitchenAfter Staging KitchenVacant Kitchen


Living Room Photos

Before – After – Vacant

Before Staging Living roomAFter staging living roomVacant Living Room

The biggest lesson here — it takes time to plan your sale.  Call me now if you’re thinking of selling in the next 12 months and we’ll start the conversation.

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