After Kilmer Elementary School in Rogers Park was closed to keep Swine Flu outbreaks to a minimum, residents have been seen walking around in masks. On April 29, the Sun-Times reported 9 possible cases in Chicago.

What should you know?

  • The city has set up a Swine Flu hotline — Call 311 with your questions
  • Visit the city’s website – in several languages – to get updates and information.
  • Schools are doing what they can to prevent the spread of illness, but they are asking neighbors to donate soap, cleaning products (including paper towels), hand sanitizer, and disinfecting sprays.  Please bring what you can to the ward office at 5533 N Broadway.

Recent reports regarding the flu are optimistic — I heard on WLS this morning that perhaps the outbreak isn’t as virulent, as it lacks an amino acid that makes it a more serious threat. I’m optimistic that this is a credible report, and we will be thinking of some other news in a couple weeks.

I wish you a healthy May!

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