It was another great year for Halloween in Lakewood Balmoral!   Maybe it was a little cold, but the rain stayed away and one neighbor reported handing out over 1500 pieces of candy!

We seem to be more and more popular as a Trick or Treat destination, and Chicago Block by Block featured us this year-thanks to Lisa for the great press!

I am always torn, however – part of me wants to walk the neighborhood, camera in hand, to capture the magic.  To do that, though, I need to hire someone to keep Tom company.  It’s too hard to man the door by oneself – the trick or treaters come so quickly and continuously between 4:30 and 7:30 that one can hardly take a sip of wine, let alone take a break.  This year Terri and Jacob helped man the door, and we’re grateful for their company.

It’s the second year we haven’t gone overboard decorating, and I’m ambivalent about that, too.  I miss the decorating, the kids gawking, the toddlers crying (mostly when they see Tom!) and the fake car accident in our front yard (complete with skeletons, fog, and “Stayin’ Alive” on the CD player).  One man told us that he drove 30 miles to see our house, only to find our home naked (and newly painted – not even creepy gray!)

I admit I was inspired all over again by Charles and Lawrence, who are absolutely terrific and a neighborhood must-see.  Patrick is always a spectacle, and he was so handsome as a flying pig!  Betsy’s witch on the dust porch is an annual favorite, and I get such a kick out of spectators’ confusion.  Maybe next year I’ll decorate again….

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