I need to execute a Living Will –

Tom sent me this Wall Street Journal article which is a great reminder to put this item on the “to do” list.

It’s a great article, but unfortunately it points out the truth that, as succinct and as precise as we’d like to be, it’s impossible to predict what the future holds. It’s impossible for doctors to always predict our medical outcome from a stroke or accident, and with medical technology changing all the time, it’s just not likely that the Living Will will cover every potential scenario.

Living Wills can be created with an attorney or downloaded online, such as the popular Five Wishes living will.

Therefore, it’s critical that we have in-depth conversations with those we love, and while we create a Living Will that gives them guidelines, they must, in the end, act as they think best.

Let’s pray that neither we nor our loved ones must make such decisions, but if we do — far better to have a Living Will and a “What if…” conversation than not.

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