A  new website has been brought to my attention —

Parking Spotter is a site designed to bring parking landlord (or owner) and potential parking renter (or buyer) together.  It has great possibilities, but today not enough people are using the site.

A condo listing without parking  in a “parking-poor” neighborhood like Lincoln Park is a tough sell.  Buyers today want parking spots, even if they don’t own a car today.  It’s like buying a home in a good school district without kids — you know it improves the saleability of the home in the future.  If a seller could identify potential car parking options to buyers through Parking Spotter, their home’s saleability would increase dramatically.

Homeowners often have 2 cars in a one-car housing situation, so they, too, could benefit from this site.

There’s even a way to customize the page to your neighborhood and parking needs.  The site offers updates so you can be notified when something becomes available that matches your needs.

I have no interest in selling garage spaces, but I do want my buyers and sellers to have access to information on where they can keep their cars — this site could be fantastic.

Alas — unless a large number of parking landlords post here, it’s not going to be very useful.  Today, I saw only 3 options for buy and rent in the Edgewater neighborhood,and 12 in the Gold Coast.

Hopefully soon it will have 10 times that many options!


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