what size dog


What size dog should I get

if I want to buy a condo in the city?


It depends!

One of my favorite clients asked me this question.

Her dear family dog just died, and while she’s planning on moving to the city next year, she also wants to bring a new dog into the family.

She’s smart to ask —

There are so many dogs to love.

She wants to fall in love with the right dog now rather than limiting her condo choices later on!

 My answer…

“35 Pounds!” (or so I thought)

Off the top of my head I told her to get a dog that’s under 35 pounds. But then that gnawing worry attacked – where did I get 35 pounds?

So – I did my research…

I pulled up all condos that were currently for sale or recently sold in highrises (7+ stories) inthe Loop (8032), Near North (8008) and Lincoln Park (8007) census tract zones. If a bulding hasn’t had activity in over 6 months, it wasn’t part of this quick study.

I was astonished!

Here’s what I found…


Of the141 buildings that came up in the search, 97 buildings had 2 or more listings. With 2 (or more) anaswers to the pet weight question, I could compare the agents’ responses to this query.  NOTE: I had no ACCURATE way of determining the veracity of the agents’ reports. Only if the answers were DIFFERENT was it readily apparent that something was awry.

Consistent Reporting (2 or more agents reporting the SAME weight):  37

Inconsistent Reporting (at least one agent providing a different response to the other listing): 60

62% of listings had inconsistent data!


Some buildings have a COMBINED pet weight requirement. For example, you may be able to have 2 pets, but the combined weight must not exceed XX pounds (e.g. 80 pounds together).


Some buildings reported 20 and 25 pound limits. Inconsistent, but close.

Others, however, reported 999 pound limit for a listing in the building, a 50 pound limit for another condo in the SAME building, and 0 pounds for yet a third listing at the same address.

In fact, several agents report dog weight limits of ZERO pounds in buildings that they themselves report as dog-friendly.



When looking on Realtor.com, Zillow, and Redfin, I couldn’t find a way to find buildings that allow dogs, let alone what size dog might be permitted by the Rules and Regulations.

So, how is a buyer supposed to find a home he can live in?

1.  Work with a real estate agent – onine searches are NOT going to work

2.  Work with an agent who calls property managers IN ADVANCE of showings, so you don’t fall in love with a property you can’t have!

3. Identify a few buildings that could work, and do searches for THOSE buildings.


Dewey- my 10 year old Labradoodle at Montrose Beach

By the way, here are some more statistics:

34 buildings require dogs to weigh 30 pounds or less

18 more allow dogs between 35 and 60 pounds

89 buildings allow dogs that weigh more than 60 pounds, but again – these could be reporting a “combined” weight restriction!

As a pet owner for most of my life, I empathize with clients trying to find a home that welcomes their canine family members.

Perhaps in the near future, this search dilemma will be solved.

In the near term, please call me so I can help you find your new home as efficiently as possible!

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I may include it in a future “Anne Answers” post!

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