My Wacky Real Estate Marketing Idea

brought smiles and joy

to Drake Theta Chi party-goers last month…

Drake Relays Rest Room Marketing

My husband, Tom, is co-chairing the Theta Chi Fundraiser at Drake University.  They’ve just about reached their $ 1,856,000 goal to build a new fraternity house, and the old house is being torn down this summer.

Relays 2014 Blow the House Down

To celebrate the house coming down, over 100 alumni brothers, daughters, family members and friends partied on the front lawn on April 25-27. This “Blow the House Down!” was  a  great time!

Relays 2014 - Blow the House Down

And, I’m glad to have provided a “Helping Hand…”

Tom asked me what would make the party more enjoyable for me — he was trying to make sure everyone would have a good time.

My answer?

Decent bathrooms! What woman hasn’t avoided a dirty bathroom in a college setting? Don’t we all despise the restrooms in dive bars? We’d rather go home than have another cocktail, if it means visiting the porta-potty that’s been used for the last 36 hours…

Tell me I’m wrong — that’s right… you can’t!

A little digging and we found the King’s Throne – a local “portable facilities” company in Iowa. As luck would have it, a new trailer was arriving mid-April.  It was a 24 foot gem – 3 stalls for the women, 1 for the men (with 2 urinals) and it had never been used !!!

We brought in the THRONE…

On Friday afternoon, April 25, our sparkling silver trailer arrived at the house in Des Moines. We adorned it with the sponsor poster — created just for the event. Not only was it clean and shiny, but it had bright lights, and music was piped in!

Let me tell you – this potty was the hit of the party!

Here’s my sign up close:

drake theta chi relays

The ladies stayed late! I had never been thanked so frequently nor so enthusiastically for my bathrooms!

We all had a great time, and hopefully, it will have been marketing dollars well-spent!

If you like this idea- just think what I can do to sell your house!

Contact me!



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