Tomorrow we’ll receive Michael’s letter from CPS – where he will go to high school for the next four years.  I stayed calm all last week, knowing the deadline was approaching, and reminding myself that “everything works out for the best.”  Letters were to be mailed on Friday, and we were expecting the news in Saturday’s post.


EnvelopeThe mail arrived early,  and there was no letter from CPS.  I couldn’t breathe — my heart raced.  I quickly called my neighbor, Mary, to see if she had received hers — maybe the mailman delivered our precious note to someone else by mistake.


Mary didn’t get a letter, either.  It seems no one got their letter on Saturday.  We would have to wait until Monday.


So here I sit.  I’m not even sure what I’m hoping for, other than I hope he gets in somewhere. This new high school admission process is unnerving, I think mostly because we will only get accepted to one high school — we won’t have a choice.  I’m ambivalent about the new  “zip code economic factor” system —  how will it affect our son?  Our friends’ kids?  The schools?

Chicago Public Schools

We applied to Ogden and Alcott, too, wanting to keep all options open.  This is only their second year, and I’m not hearing a lot of buzz in favor of these schools.  That’s not to say they won’t be a great option for many families.  I just don’t think parents are seeking them out the way they fight for selective enrollment spots.

I think I’ll go to bed.  One can think too much about things, especially that which is not in one’s control.  One thing is for sure —  things work out for the best!



Anne Rossley has raised 3 children in the Chicago Public Schools — this is her second child to go through the high school admissions process.

Anne has sold real estate in Chicago for over 20 years — call her if you have questions about schools or real estate!

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