Getting Rid of Clutter


As a member of NAR’s Senior Real Estate Specialists Group, I receive a monthly newsletter that I’m able to pass on to my 50+ clients. Usually, the news is worthy of passing along to the under 50 crowd, too. This month, that is the case.

Since seniors are usually considering how they will downsize, clutter and staging are key issues. I always help my clients “de-clutter” as they prepare to list their homes for sale, but with seniors, whose items can be the culmination of a lifetime of memories, it can be a daunting task.

Best advice for getting rid of clutter:


  1. Stay on top of the clutter today and always! Don’t wait until you’re ready to sell before you think about your “stuff!”
  2. Use technology to move from paper to digital (documents AND photos)
  3. Hire a professional organizer if you’re not sure where to start – you’d be surprised what a consultation can do to get you started in the right direction!

I recently helped a terrific senior move from The Malibu into The Admiral — Check out the Before and After Photos as we guided him along to staging and decluttering:


Download this month’s copy of the Senior Real Estate Newsletter Here

Links and Resources for Staying Organized:


For personal referrals to professional organizers or stagers,

please contact me by email or phone (773) 620-5333.



Also — See more articles and information on the Senior Web Pages of my Real Estate Website

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