Staging your home for sale has become a requirement in the last 2o years.

Not only will staging help you sell FASTER and at a HIGHER PRICE, but so many sellers employ staging techniques prior to going on the market that the few who do not properly prepare to sell are at a tremendous disadvantage.

Lately, laundry room areas have become an important area of focus for today’s buyers. When I first began selling condos in the Gold Coast/Near North side of Chicago, more condos DIDN’T have washers and dryers than those that did. Today, most of my buyers won’t look at a condo unless it includes a washer and dryer. Better yet, an organized, spacious area for cleaning one’s clothes catches buyers eyes and help them fall in love with a home.

Chicago Basement Laundry Area

As professional photos of homes are so critical in selling property, I always limited my photos to the most “photogenic” rooms of the home, ignoring banal locations like mud room, 3rd bathroom, and laundry area. Today’s buyers, however are savvy — if we leave these photos out of the presentation, they often wonder if something’s wrong with the extra baths, entrance, or utility areas.

Here’s an example of one of my unappealing laundry areas – needless to say, we worked on a plan to spruce up this area!

Staging your Home – Checklist

That said, I always include staging the laundry area when I work with my sellers. Like every room in the home, the keys are

  • getting rid of clutter
  • organizing
  • deep cleaning
  • getting rid of foul odors
  • painting, if necessary

Staging your Home – Laundry Room

staging your home for sale- laundry roomMelissa Tracy writes about staging the Laundry Area in her recent article, Dress up the Laundry Room with Style, and she suggests

  • adding storage,
  • adding a folding station, and
  • enhancing with color.


I agree with all her suggestions! To read her full article, select this link: Dress up the Laundry Room with Style

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