Staging your Homes means clearing out, organizing, de-cluttering…

Steps to Organizing your Stuff

Organizing experts say to put each item into one of 4 categories:

  1. Keep and Use
  2. Save in an Organized Place (where you can readily access it!)
  3. Donate
  4. Trash — Throw it Away!

When I’m cleaning my home in the spring, after Christmas, and when certain VIP guests are arriving, I think of my cleaning as Staging My Home for Sale. I guess it’s an occupational hazard. I know, though, that we all love our homes the most when they’re presented well – Spring Cleaning just feels the same as Staging my House for Sale.

With this fabulous Chicago spring weather today, I found the Houzz article timely – it reminds me that other options exist:

Donate to Jones College Prep’s White Elephant SaleStaging your Home-Have a Garage Sale

(Select this link to learn more)


Have a Garage Sale!

14 Ways to Make More Money at a Yard Sale — and Have Fun Too

Annual Garage Sales

The Villa Historic District Garage Sale is in June

Lakewood Balmoral Historic District Garage Sale is the Saturday after Labor Day

What other annual sales do you know about?

Post a comment to tell us when your neighborhood garage sale will take place;

If it’s an annual event, tell me that, too, so I can start keeping track on the resource page

Happy Chicago Spring!


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