In addition to the lovely George Maher homes that one sees on Hutchinson Street, the Uptown Buena Park neighborhood has some exciting news to report about an historic 1900’s Doerr & Doerr mansion at 800 W Buena…

The Day Center 800 W Buena

The Day School is now a part of Menomonee Club for boys and girls.  Due to reduced enrollment and CPS fundng cuts, the Day School board of directors voted to merge with Menomonee Club in July.  Now called The Day Center, the facility will  serve the Uptown residents by housing not for profit organizations under one roof.

A big roof it is — between the home and the coach house, almost 13,000 square feet will be available for community purposes.  Neal Bader,  Menomonee Club Executive Director, is speaking with various organizations and is in the process of negotiating leases for the property.  After the initial leasing phase, it is hoped that additional programming for neighborhood youth and families will be developed as part of Menomonee Club’s mission.

Before the merger, The Day School was a private therapeutic school for the emotionally and learning disabled.  It was started by Elizabeth Andrews to serve neighborhood kids with social and emotional challenges, but in recent years the CPS students who needed more care than the public system could provide were bused in from all corners of the city.  Today, the facility will be more neighborhood-focused.

Non profit groups who are interested in learning about the facility are urged to contact Neal Bader at the Menomonee Club.

Historic homes in and near the Hutchinson Street Historic District in Chicago…

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