Walk Score is the new scale by which home buyers calculate the closeness of amenities to their potential new property.

The scale, ranging from 0 – 100, ranks how easily you can conduct your life on foot:

90 – 100  Walker’s Paradise – daily errands do not require a car

70 – 89    Very Walkable – most errands can be accomplished on foot

50 – 69    Somewhat Walkable – some amenities within walking distance

25 – 49    Car-dependent – a few amenities within walking distance

0 – 24      Car-dependent – almost all errands require a car

The site (select this link) can be accessed on its own, or within listings you find while searching online. Walk Score gives Chicago a 74 – “VERY WALKABLE” — making it the 4th best city nationwide for walking.

My home scores an 86 — most errands can be accomplished on foot. It’s not the highest score, obviously, but it made me ask the question –

Is it possible to have too high a Walk Score?

After a quick search, I decided that for some, the answer could definitely be YES.

161 E Chicago webMy office is located at 737 N Michigan Avenue. If you’re not familiar with Chicago, let me paint a picture…

  • The Nieman Marcus Building/Olympia Centre condominiums…
  • Entrance on Chicago Ave – across the street from the famous historic Water Tower of Chicago.
  • Walgreens is on the corner, chic dining and shopping are steps away, and Northwestern Hospital is on the next block.
  • The Museum of Contemporary Art is one block east.
  • Believe it or not, a track, softball field, and tennis courts are a block and a half!
  • And yes — Lake Michigan is a mere 3 blocks east of us.

Thanks to Zol87 on Flickr for the great photo!


Here’s the Google map – click on this link to see the Walk Score map:

View Larger Map

Yes- I could live in Olympia Centre or 777 N Michigan Avenue. I could brag about my 98 Walk Score, finding food, clothing, prescriptions, and anything I can imagine within a few yards of my doorman’s station.

When my kids are out of the house, and my arthritis makes cleaning this 3-story balloon-frame dustbowl more than I can bear, then trust me — I’m cashing in for the 98 walk score.

Dewey MBUntil then, though, I’ll keep my 86 Walk Score.  I’ll enjoy the Clark Street retail – Andersonville shops,  and Dewey and I’ll walk the Bryn Mawr/lakefront loop.

I enjoy the thrill of driving south on Lake Shore Drive with the city skyline beckoning me to my office.

winter park colorado skiing

Your walk score is a number – something to be considered but not coveted. My brother in Colorado wouldn’t trade his 42 Walk Score in Winter Park for anything!

We all have our own definition of “Living Well in …..  “

Don’t you agree?!


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